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New Babies!!!

susie b

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Just some sweet news to share.

A beautiful small black cat magically appeared in the barn late this summer after I retired my ginger boy "B" to housecat duties as he is aging.

Been making friends with this petite black beauty over the last few months by feeding her and petting her "aura" from about 18" away.

We have conversations and "blinkies", but I never touched her until 5 days ago when I noticed how large her belly was and knew it was much too cold to let her birth in the barn especially with all the raccoon activity nearby.

Coaxed her into a carrier with wet food and set her up in a mini maternity ward... a big comfy bathroom that has a lovely window view of trees.

Went to check on her an hour after letting her settle in her new kitty condo and she was rubbing against my legs like she had been my cat forever and not a feral that I started to feed in August.

Last night Lola delivered three healthy babies... one grey and two black beauties like momma.

Mother and kittens are doing great, and it seems like my other house cats (who are all boys) are proud uncles and seem to be passing out catnip cigars.

Happy Christmas miracle!


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Although it is still a little too early to positively identify boys and girls, we have Edgar who is named after E.A. Poe (the grey) and Lorelei (the smaller black kitten) who is named after the famous siren of German literature.

The third kitten has yet to tell us his/her name.



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