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Listening to Geffen..


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...this afternoon, and am really enjoying the album, wall to wall, more than I ever have enjoyed it in the past.

Used to think there was something wrong with "She Remembered" that kept it from being great, but I was wrong,...it´s great, including the lyrics that I thought before were a little trite or something, but again I was wrong, those lyrics are strong and we all can relate to them.

"You took me all the way" is a very good melodic song and the fact it kinda is the sequel to "Go all the way" diminishes it zero, imho....to the contrary its relation to "Go all..." makes it that much more interesting.

The other 2 monster ballads are still monsters and as good as anything he wrote.

I´ve always said it´s a little forced (the upbeat songs), and that´s not wrong, but they are still very enjoyable. Because they are not "Sunrise" or "My Girl" doesn´t mean they´re not very good. 

This album would be the flagship album of 98% of the artists out there, imho.


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I like it, ...have no desire to skip it.

It's a little forced if I'm going to hyper analyze it. By forced I mean the melody doesn't run naturally and brilliantly like a "Sunrise" or even an "Inside Story".....but it's a worthy song that I like and even sing along to.


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