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Beatles as solos, output - top 10


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10. 1985, Mac

9.   This song, Harrison

8.   Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey, Mac

7.   You're 16, Ringo

6.   Venus and Mars / Rock Show, Mac

5.   Beware my love, Mac

4.   Junior's Farm, Mac

3.   My Sweet Lord, Harrison

2.   Photograph, Ringo

1.   What is life, Harrison


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Imagine is great but it falls into the Bohemian  Rhapsody pratfall…Because if it’s overexposure, it’s hard to still appreciate it…

If I was gonna do a Lennon top ten, they would include (in no particular),

Cold Turkey,

Instant Karma,



Jealous Guy,

Gimme Some Truth

How Do You Sleep

Bless You

Stand By Me(an absolute brilliant timbre to his),

Starting Over,

I’m Losing You…

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Delayed response to a thought-provoking thread. Keeping it to 10 is impossible, James, so I doubled down. Sorry!

1. "Maybe I'm Amazed," Paul
2. "Mind Games," John
3. "Isn't It a Pity," George
4. "Photograph," Ringo
5. "Stand by Me," John
6. "Mull of Kintyre," Paul
7. "Ram On," Paul
8. "It's So Hard," John
9. "Band on the Run," Paul
10. "Mother," John

11. "Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five," Paul
12. "Imagine," John
13. "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)," George
14. "My Sweet Lord," George (the original single — I still don't buy that plagiarism conviction!)
15. "#9 Dream," John
16. "Too Many People," Paul
17. "Jealous Guy," John
18. "Handle with Care," George's Traveling Wilburys
19. "Back Seat of My Car," Paul
20. ""Six O'Clock," Ringo

Looking at it, I could easily flip my first 10 with the second 10. And I'm leaving off some things I really love....

Interestingly (to me), I've got seven McCartneys, seven Lennons, four Harrisons, and two Ringos. Sounds about right! 

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The order of the songs flips around depending on my mood....  LOL anyway here goes:

1.  Mind Games - John

2.  Maybe I'm Amazed - Paul  

3.  #9 Dream - John

4.  Isn't It A Pity - George

5.  Imagine - John

6.  Got My Mind Set On You - George

7.  Give Peace a Chance - John

8.  Back Off Boogaloo - Ringo

9.  Photograph - Ringo

10.  Uncle Albert/ Admiral Halsey - Paul


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