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Hey Kyle,  I was a young teenager growing up in the 70s with Elton John's music. (and Eric's)

Lived and breathed this man's music.. Listened and watched every documentary I could. Saw a couple with Gus Dudgeon and read every single article I could on music production. With Elton yes, his early stuff anyway,Elton laid down his piano tracks,  his vocal track and left everything else up to Gus from the documentaries and interviews that I saw. But Gus did have a very good ear as I watched him work with the musicians and adding or taking away things that he didn't like.  I was actually pretty surprised watching how everyone just kind of bowed down to him. However, if Gus would have lived a longer life and had been dealing with Elton later on, I'm not so sure they would have been getting along as well.  Elton's temper flared over even the slightest musical imperfection.  At one of his concerts I attended in Saskatoon here, during one of his songs he slammed the piano lid down because  he said the piano wasn't tuned properly...eek!  Kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.

 My opinion is that Gus Dudgeon didn't know what he was up for in dealing with Eric Carmen and Eric's music perfectionist mind.  Eric  heard full arrangements of instruments in his head since he was very young   And there's no way getting past that ever.

Just my take from following Elton John for many years and seeing things as they progressed with Gus. And then have someone like Eric Carmen enter the scene. Gus, this successful producer, thought he could just take advantage of him and do as he did back in the day with Elton. When he couldn't get his way, he  slammed the door and Eric  was left holding the bag so to speak.   Just how I see it.

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