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Go All The Way nominated for “Hall of Song”

Lew Bundles

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1972 Hall of Songs Nominees: Power Pop, Philly Soul, Elton and Carly

 Tim Malcolm

11 months ago

Subjectively, this was one of our favorite years to discuss. 

In this episode of Hall of Songs, Tim and Chris get to talk about some of their favorite artists and styles of music as 1972 brings a wealth of new sounds to the growing tapestry of rock ‘n’ roll. Which 12 songs will we decide are the best of this year?

After listening, VOTE for the greatest songs of all time! Songs from 1972, plus tunes from 1971, ’70, ’69, ’68 and ’67 are up for a shot to make the Hall of Songs! Vote now and come back on December 17 to find out which song or songs get in!

Our 1972 nominees:

“Go All the Way” as performed by Raspberries

Written by Eric Carmen; recorded early 1972; released April 1972

“Rocket Man” as performed by Elton John

Written by Elton John and Bernie Taupin; recorded January 1972; released April 1972

“Lean on Me” as performed by Bill Withers

Written by Bill Withers; recorded early 1972; released April 1972

“Thirteen” as performed by Big Star

Written by Alex Chilton and Chris Bell; recorded late 1971; released April 1972

“I Can See Clearly Now” as performed by Johnny Nash

Written by Johnny Nash; recorded late 1971; released June 1972 

“The Harder They Come” as performed by Jimmy Cliff

Written by Jimmy Cliff; recorded early 1972; released July 1972 

“Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone” as performed by The Temptations

Written by Barrett Strong and Norman Whitfield; recorded June 1972; released July 1972

“Back Stabbers” as performed by The O’Jays

Written by Leon Huff, Gene McFadden and John Whitehead; recorded spring 1972; released August 1972

“Superstition” as performed by Stevie Wonder

Written by Stevie Wonder; recorded summer 1972; released October 1972

“You Are the Sunshine of My Life” as performed by Stevie Wonder

Written by Al green, Willie Mitchell and Al Jackson Jr.; recorded summer 1972; released October 1972

“Walk on the Wild Side” as performed by Lou Reed

Written by Lou Reed; recorded August 1972; released November 1972

“You’re So Vain” as performed by Carly Simon

Written by Carly Simon; recorded summer 1972; released November 1971

Listen to the full episode for more, and then vote for the songs that you think are the greatest of all-time. Scroll down or click here to vote. Then, come back on December 17, 2021to find out the voting results, and December 19, 2021 for our discussion on 1973.



P.S….There is a podcast link at the site that discusses the songs(including Go All The Way) that I couldn’t get to “stick” to this post…Podcast discusses Berries and EC starting at 13:15 and goes on, in depth, for 4 or 5 minutes…

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