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After You

susie b

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I absolutely love everything about this song. Never understood how Eric could just abandon a treasure like this.

Co-written by Seth Swirsky. Here's what Seth told me about the tune when I first got my hands on the demo way back in 1999:

"I am a melodist first, a lyricist second. But on [this] tune, I wrote the lyrics and sent them to Eric in Cleveland. It was around 1983. I was 23, 
had just met Eric, hung out a little with him, etc. I was a huge fan of his growing up and couldn't believe I was hanging with him. He came up with the 
music. 'After You' was originally called 'A History Of You'—Eric changed the title. He taught me a lot about writing and it was a pleasure to work with 

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Eric's  demos...one of the best reasons to be a member of this sight. I had no idea I'd be discovering that when I joined. This one, even though you can hear what a huge production number it could be, is very effective as it is. It creates an  atmosphere of Eric playing alone in an echoing, dark auditorium singing those words.."After You".  Glad he changed the title.   To me it's perfection.

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