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Had the Raspberries Not Split in 1975

Vinnie B Trask

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Goes to show that the business end of things is important, and need not be mocked as so many music artists and fans lust to do. Starting Over is a brilliant album, and that´s not just my opinion, it´s the type of album that the masses would love.....but the business end was lacking imho. ie: it takes the "suits" to get the album produced into a complete package, and then get it into the hands of the music listeners out there, .....and often they do a strong job doing that.

With commercially successful music we give zero credit to the "suits" or the "bean counters", but love to hate on them for everything else.

Viva la "Suits" and "Bean Counters"!!!!

: )

P.S. I´m not one. I wear shorts and a t-shirt to work everyday. : )



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