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Fans weigh in on 1st lp…

Lew Bundles

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There's something that occurred to me while reading some of these. It appears that the reason many of these reviewers didn't like the album is because Go All The Way is a unique rocker and there is nothing else like it on the album. I must tell you that I have been guilty of this many times in my life when buying an album. I went into it with preconceived expectations of what I wanted to hear, but if the music was different, I was turned off. It's happened even with my favorite artists. I wanted every Elton album to be more Goodbye Yellow Brick Road-ish, and I wasn't initially accepting of the albums that weren't. 

I didn't go into my Raspberries listening experience with Go All The Way preconceptions because I never heard the song before. I can see how many who heard Go All The Way on the radio, and were blown away by it, might have been disappointed when they purchased the album and there was nothing else like it on the record. And I'm sure that many of these album buyers weren't into ballads very much. The teen boys with testosterone overflowing out of their ears, don't want to hear Journey doing "Open Arms", or Foreigner doing "Waiting For A Girl Like You", or Styx doing "Babe" OR even Raspberries doing " I Can Remember" or "Don't Wanna Say Goodbye". BUT if you're a more rounded listener, that likes good rockers AND the ballads, Raspberries delivered on both.

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