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Stalling at #2…

Lew Bundles

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Eric Carmen’s trademark pout was justified after he was blocked from No. 1 by the Miracles and Four Seasons

“All By Myself” by Eric Carmen

“All By Myself” – Eric Carmen (3 weeks, March 1976).  Eric Carmen, formerly of the group Raspberries, came this 🤏 close to getting a No. 1 song with “All By Myself,” a powerful ballad that was locked out by two disco-ey hits from classic bands that started in the 1950s and were popular in the ‘60s: the Four Seasons and the Miracles.  First the Miracles, who formed in 1955, got their first No. 1 sans Smokey Robinson with “Love Machine.”  Then, the Four Seasons, who formed as the Four Lovers in 1956, replaced the Miracles at No. 1 with their timeless nugget, “December 1963 (Oh What a Night).”  All of this occurred while “All By Myself” languished at No. 2 for three weeks before losing momentum and beginning its descent down and off the Hot 100.  I guess there’s no shame in playing second fiddle to two of the greatest bands of the early rock-and-roll era, right?


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