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Razzies & Grass Roots

Matthew C. Clark

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The Grass Roots (with the late Rob Grill) "Feelings" (title track from the 1968 album) (audio only) Did not charted in Billboard Hot 100 Singles. Also from the 1968 movie "With Six You Get Eggroll" starring the late Doris Day, the late Brian Keith & Barbara Hershey. Did this song by Wally Bryson inspired The Raspberries "Come Around And See Me"?? 


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Are the Grass Roots in the HOF?

The Grass Roots made some very good records.

In a way they are one of my favorites.

I have heard the Grass Roots did not completely play the instruments on their records. The got a lift from the Wrecking Crew.

I know that Hal Blaine played drums on most of their hit records.

Kind of Monkee like!



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The Grass Roots songs "Get It Together", "I Can Turn Off The Rain", "Let It Go" & "Keepin' Me Down" (from 1971 "More Golden Grass") as well as the albums, 1973 "Alotta' Mileage" (Dunhill/ABC), 1975 "self-titled" (Haven/Capitol) & 1982 "Powers Of The Night" (MCA) (which they do the original "She Don't Know Me", later remade by Bon Jovi from their 1984 debut) as well as the late Rob Grill 1979 solo album "Uprooted" (with members of Fleetwood Mac) are NOT on Apple iTunes or on regular CD. I think that the Universal Studios fire which happened on June 8, 2008 damaged the reel to reel master tapes & got burned!! The rest of their catalog are still available on Apple iTunes. 

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Sooner or Later" is a 1971 hit song by The Grass Roots. It was released as a single and put on their third compilation album, Their 16 Greatest Hits. It reached number 9 on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming their third and last top ten hit.

The single tells about a girl the narrator is in love with, but it's not mutual, because of her past experiences with love. He says that "sooner or later" she will succumb to love and give in to him. [

Bassist and usual lead singer Rob Grill shared lead vocals with keyboardist Dennis Provisor. Excluding Provisor's organ,[] most of the instrumental backing were made by the Wrecking Crew.

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The Grass Roots are a power pop group not in the HOF because they didn't play on their own records, did not write any of their own hits and too many interchangeable parts. (members)

That said I think any collection of the best of the Grass Roots is a great listening pleasure!

They still have a band touring under that name with not a single original member, classic or otherwise.

The Raspberries have a few less hits but wrote and recorded their own material!

Big difference!

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