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Venue vs secondary market pricing…

Lew Bundles

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Recently, I had the opportunity to do an experiment with a box office attendant…

I was at a “live nation” venue box office window in Connecticut and I asked the girl if it was possible to purchase a ticket for any “Live Nation” venue in the country from her ticket terminal…She said “no”, but I could buy a ticket for “Live Nation” events in Connecticut and there was essentially, no service charge…

As an experiment, I asked her to punch up a ticket for Ringo Starr at the Hartford Healthcare Center…She searched out a ticket, showed me a section, row and seat number and the price was $79 plus a minumal $10 fee for a total of $89…(I could avoid the $10 fee if I went to the venue where Ringo was actually performing to buy the ticket).,,

With that info in hand, I went to my tablet and punched up a Ringo ticket on the Ticketmaster website for the same section and same row and the total came to $201…An extra $112…

Moral of the story, whenever possible, buy directly from the venue or an affiliate and save a whopping amount…

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