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Where was EC going?…

Lew Bundles

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That’s a really great question, Lew, and something I never asked Eric.

My best guess would be doing a solo record for Capitol, or maybe jump to Warner Bros., who had America (Eric was friends with Gerry Beckley).

Warner Bros. later had Shaun Cassidy, so they were kind of in the EC mix post-Arista.

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Raspberries contract with Capitol Records was not for a set number of albums, but for ONE YEAR with a set number of options. Three, to be exact. So, it appears that each year Capitol had the right to renew the contract—based on the previous year's sales. I suppose a new contract would have been drawn up and signed after changing members in 1974. And once the band broke up, the contract would no longer be valid—as it was for the four members and not for Eric himself.

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Here's where it would be ideal to have Eric popping in now and then. He could make quick work of Lew's question.

But as long as we're speculating, I would think Eric would have washed his hands of Capitol and (without Arista as a landing place) headed to Columbia Records, which needed a piano-based pop star at the time. (Billy Joel was scuffling along commercially... up until 1977's The Stranger.)

Or maybe Eric would have struck a deal with MCA, where Elton was flying high. 

Eric, am I close? 

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Solid speculation LC,

Eric sounded somewhat envious of the career Billy Joel was able to carve out at Columbia, although as you mentioned, Joel didn't really "break out" until The Stranger. I'm sure the label still would've been on his radar nonetheless, plenty of great artists had already done very well there.

Though Eric and Elton are pretty different artists, that's probably the closest comparison during that era, so MCA would've probably made sense as a label for Eric. Who knows how things would have gone if he had signed with them instead.

Personally, even though the Arista situation was not the most ideal, usually with record companies it never is. I'm very glad we got four solid albums from Eric with them, not to mention "MMLC" later down the line. The self-titled album and "All By Myself" did incredibly well and I imagine gave Eric some well-deserved financial comfort (at least until the lawsuits)

I'm glad his music continues to get licensed for film and TV. His work has already proven to stand the test of time, and I hope any lack of success from back in the day has been vindicated for him.

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