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Nick Lowe/Elvis Costello


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Interesting and coincidentally my new love of my life (I have a new one every week) - Marie Prevost, who is mostly known for her work in silent films and who like many had a tragic end to her life - was the subject of a Nick Lowe song from the 1970s. Pretty weird and untrue take is his. It would have been cool if he´d celebrated her like many rockers do when writing about old school movie actresses.

P.S. "Oliver´Army" and "Peace Love and Understanding" were early regulars in the rotation on MTV, and credit to MTV, I probably wouldn´t have been introduced to those great songs nor Elvis Costello if it wasn´t for MTV taking risks and playing stuff more than just the top 40.

Echo and the Bunnymen, and some of The Pretenders tunes were also stuff I really dug but wouldn´t have heard without MTV playing them frequently.


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