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I saw some old posts getting bumped today that were mostly humorous takes on current events, bandmembers, EC.com Members, celebrities, etc. and thought that I should have more tags available for posters so that we can search more efficiently for content.

So, starting today, I've added "Humor" to the rather short list of tags. I'll add more in the future. Suggestions for new tags are welcome.

Anyone posting content of a humorous, satirical, or otherwise knee-slapping nature should include the "Humor" tag, so that if anyone is looking for a laugh they can search for it that way instead of needing to scour through 62 million pages of posts.

Moderators feel free to tag posts (past and present) with the "Humor" tag as they see fit. Including any post by Lew where he asks to be Moderator.


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Heh, if Lew was Moderator, he´d already have had every post ever made on this site tagged. He´d also have given out ham sandwiches to all members and kissed their babies if they had one. How much of this has that usurper Kirk accomplished?


I rest my case.


I´m for Lew.......

.......................................in 2022!

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