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Question for Bernie…

Lew Bundles

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Hi Lew, assuming you mean on this site I checked and see 161 days won in my profile.  It’s difficult to recall what I posted here on those days though.  

In day to day life I expect we’ve all won many days as we are still here. 😀  


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Hey Lew...I was wondering the same.  But I'm still so green at this Message board. I was afraid to ask. Also now that I'm a year older today that could have something to do with it.  🤔


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Posts have a weighted average as follows:

10 pts- Post has strong Eric content

9 pts- Post has strong Raspberries content

8 pts- Post has some Eric content

7 pts- Post has some Raspberries content

6 pts- Post has no Eric or Raspberries content but is posted in the correct section

5 pts- Post has a relevant link

4pts- Post has mention of Eric but it's only swoon-worthy

3 pts- Post has mention of a harem

2pts- Post is anonymous

1 pt- Post whines about being a moderator




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