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Debbie does Olivia

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I like her, in fact her song "Lost in your eyes" for me is in the running for best song of the 1980s. In the 80s she also had a real charisma on stage, it was her own youngish flavor, but it was real charisma. At 18 she was writing, producing and performing her own stuff. And selling. Big talent was she.

P.S. this version of Olivia´s song is good.

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5 hours ago, Vinnie B Trask said:

Where is she now.  I rest my case

Ooo...Vinnie.  We have to be careful. Some said that about Eric also but that doesn't mean he isn't an amazing performer and songwriter, even though we haven't heard from him in many years or seen him perform in 15 years.  Debbie Gibson has been involved in the music scene steadily since she was 16 years old. She's more behind the scenes now as a producer. When she was 16 she wrote, produced and performed a song called Foolish Beat.   Believe it or not, in the last 5 years she's had 3 songs that have charted. She put out an album last year called The Body Remembers. She performed  in Vegas last year(8 dates) with Joey McIntyre on her big hit called Lost in Your Eyes. She might not be your cup of tea and I know that not everyone loves the sound of her voice but she is still very active and a talented writer, producer, musician,actor and Broadway musical performer.  Recently I saw her in a few TV reality-type shows. But of course, you are allowed to express your opinion and not everybody will love her or her style, as with any artist.  And she will soon be 52 years old so she's been an active performer for basically all of her life. But you did ask where is she now, so there you go.

Here's her duet with Joey McIntyre last year, the updated, mature version of Lost in Your Eyes. ( I personally  prefer the original from 1989).


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