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One genius moment from the 80s


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I recently picked up the album this song came from, the album is quite good. It will take some more listens to be able to really evaluate it, but they definately have the weird (good weird) / melody / creative gene. Wish they´d have put out more.

I didn´t appreciate this song when it was being played a lot back in its day, but have come to think it´s a little pop / new wave masterpiece:


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This version actually was released a few months prior to the Buggles version.  Trevor Horn, Geoff Downes & Bruce Woolley are co-writers of the song. Horn & Downes went on to form The Buggles.  Bruce Woolley, of course, is in Bruce Woolley & the Camera Crew (Thomas Dolby on keyboards).




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When you watch the Buggles video, and you get to the line "and put the blame on VCR", at 2:25 (which is the commonly accepted lyric), I swear it looks like and sounds like he says "put the blame on GTR". Now GTR was the name of a British band formed by Steve Howe (of YES) and Steve Hackett (Genesis) and produced by Geoff Downes. (of the Buggles) GTR wasn't formed until 1985 though. The name for the band came from the abbreviation of "Guitar." Coud it be that the real lyric is really GTR, meaning "put the blame on GUITAR". When you read the lyrics in their entirety, "GUITAR" might make as much sense as VCR, maybe even more. According to Trevor Horn, the theme of the song is the concerns of the impact that modern technology will have on the arts, specifically to the technological change of music in the 60's.  Didn't the guitar, especially the electric guitar make a huge change to music in the 50's and 60's?

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