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Bob Dylan: Top 10 Vocalist of All-Time?


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I didn't look at the list yet. If having a recognizable voice count, he belongs there. Otherwise, it's just popular nonsense,


I mean whether you like Queen or not having Freddie Mercury at 18 speaks for its self-regarding that list.

You look at metal specialist like Ronnie James Dio and have to acknowledge his tremendous vocal talent and I bet he ain"t on the list.

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Not a serious list at all. It's a Rolling Stone flavored pc / hipster  influenced list.

Dillon at 7? ....but Karen Carpenter at 94?......not even listed in the top 100 are Rita Coolidge?...Burton Cummings? ( a massive ommission ).....Olivia Newton John?.....Glen Frey ( there may be no singer who can sing a rock & roll song and a smooth melodic gem ( like New Kid in town ) better than Frey did....no Neil Diamind?.....no Meat Loaf?.....etc etc etc.

P.S. on my list, and probably any objective list,  Eric Carmen would be way up towards the top.


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Still waiting for Elf which made only 3 albums (featuring the late Ronnie James Dio) "Carolina County Ball" (1973) & the final album "Trying To Burn The Sun" (1974) & then Ronnie joined Blackmore's Rainbow in 1975. Both albums were on MGM Records way back when BUT NOT on Apple iTunes as of yet. The self -titled Elf (from 1972) is there though. 

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Saw the late Dio NOT once BUT twice!! First at Pine Knob Music Theater near Pontiac, Michigan (which was my very first time down there BUT I had to stand in the seat NOT sit down because I could not see what was going on) back in late August of 1985 during the "Sacred Heart" tour which has a lighting dragon spectacular!! Also in Saginaw, MI at the old Saginaw Civic Center in October of 1985 (when I had to use earplugs because the Civic Center is so LOUD) BUT Dio did not do the song "We Rock" (from 1984 "The Last In Line") that Dio did at Pine Knob as the 3rd & final encore!! Former rock group Rough Cutt was the opening act for both shows. 

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