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Eric stars in Alternate take of THE GODFATHER Part 1…

Lew Bundles

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I don’t remember where I got this alternate take of the movie, The Godfather, but it seemed that Eric played a key part in the original version….Unfortunately, it was never used and has not seen the light of day -til now…

Relax and enjoy…

Don Corleone-“I have  called you all here today to implement my plan to settle all family business..I have spent the past few days finalizing the role that each and everyone of you will be responsible to perform…We need total cooperation and when it is concluded, we will be the only family left…We will be in total control.. Let’s begin…”

First, let me introduce to you a key player that you may not be familiar with…


“Gentlemen, this is Eric Carmen”…


ERIC-“Hi guys…”


“Pop, you gotta be kidding…You bring in a Jew Boy to help in our plan?… He’ll  be bringing gefilte fish in here and stinking the joint up like that freakin’ Raspberries album that stunk like fruit…By the way, he looks like a little fruity…Have you gone loco, pop…

The DON-E73CFA1E-7ACF-48F9-A59B-F18CE87F4638.jpeg.91e4574fde8ecc78f342d0c45d35cf5c.jpeg

“Santino…That’s enough…Now, we are gonna send invitations to the heads of the other families, inviting them and their wives to attend a special private concert with meet and greet with Johnny Fontaine…The wives will be all sorts of wet at this opportunity so we are guaranteed that they will bust their husbands cannolis and the men will have to bring them to the concert.”

SONNY-“926FEE78-04D0-4C75-95E2-C640607C1B82.jpeg.0100c8980f9527b147606a7b751eeba4.jpeg“And where does this Heeb fit in?”

THE DON-BB300FBC-2E99-424A-AA5E-29ADCB2B15AB.thumb.jpeg.2910ea0453ffb5bd5fe94aa7be57ab00.jpeg“Santino-Your hot head is gonna get you in trouble someday…Be patient…I will explain…Your job, Santino, is to provide the muscle for the evening…Michael, you will be in charge of lining up the theater for the night…And arrange for all their staff to be “ill” for the evening and our men will work the “event”…Got it, Michael?”


“Got it, Pop”…

THE DON-C15C023A-F317-47A9-8914-C6A5BF493DDF.jpeg.ff370c27e6db6859200c8293e3c0a424.jpeg

“Clemenza-you will work the box office…Once our guests have all arrived, you lock the door and stay there to make sure no one else comes in or leaves…


”Got it, Don Corleone…”

THE DON-“C8B7C250-A667-4F05-B3C4-C28BD964A7B5.thumb.jpeg.732e87c5f1d4dfa4fcc76c1ed86cae2a.jpeg

“Tessio-“You will work the bar…Make sure you put extra liquid in the wives drinks…Got it ?


“You can count on me, Godfather…”


”Pop-you still haven’t explained how this half fag enters into the picture”.. 

THE DON-8A3DB2E9-EB68-4E92-87F5-DE8559F0DF90.jpeg.792578deac8c4595f7ed1e1159ef6423.jpeg“Here’s how the evening unfolds…Our guests arrive and are escorted to their seats by Frankie PantangeliDC9677BF-8334-44F2-8701-705BA4745469.jpeg.19e056841e2c9a14d7dd4f0d0ef358f5.jpeg

After they are seated, Frankie stands at the exit doors in the theater as Tom 81F10D1D-6179-4BE4-B44F-62FEE336F738.jpeg.31ff3a6f732997ec1060222c82b4438e.jpegmakes an announcement from the stage that Johnny Fontaine is in the lobby waiting to meet all the ladies while the men(who are happy to dump their wives for a while,) can stay behind and enjoy the opening act, Eric Carmenini…We fix him up and make him look like one of us..

The wives get up and head to the lobby to meet Fontaine…Our bartender, Tessio gets the ladies all “liquid up” so that one of them will eventually have to go to the ladies room…You guys know how the women are…Once one goes to the bathroom, they all go together…

Once they are “powdering their nose, Luca Brazi, steps in front of the door of the bathroom to make sure the dames can’t get out..,DC87AD6F-912C-484E-9CB5-0F830F32810E.jpeg.cfe68c43114d0c27541c14429e5b5ba5.jpeg

At this point, Mr.” Carmenini “ starts singing one of those sissy songs that he wrote…The heads of the families start to get tears in their eyes which blurs up their vision…They take out their handkerchiefs to wipe their eyes Tessio opens up the theater doors, Santino comes in with our boys and open fire and before the guys get a chance to clear their eyes, they’ll be blasted away…They’ll never know what hit ‘em….Everybody clear?

FREDO-3079F459-FB86-4A1F-8C1A-F22E64C15CC4.jpeg.f186139e1909b9a112be2e2f862cdb6c.jpeg“What about me, pop?..What can I do?…

THE DON-6E85C09F-0716-4C6D-9F65-3B1D62DCEBF5.jpeg.2e9cc733811bae7456529a44678e4749.jpeg

“I have a special job for you…Fredo, my son..,Everybody leave the room…Except the femme singer and Fredo…


THE DON-C8B7C250-A667-4F05-B3C4-C28BD964A7B5.thumb.jpeg.732e87c5f1d4dfa4fcc76c1ed86cae2a.jpeg“Girly man…Did you bring the picture that I asked you to get?


“I got the picture and stop calling me names…I’m not gay…

THE DON-“FCF469AD-86B4-43CD-9BB6-D0B447A8D476.jpeg.964321f1efa819e7165cfa5eb70f6708.jpeg

”Then give the picture to Fredo and cut your hair before the show…Don’t disappoint me, “Carmenini”…Now get out of here and let me talk to Fredo…”


THE DON-E73CFA1E-7ACF-48F9-A59B-F18CE87F4638.jpeg.91e4574fde8ecc78f342d0c45d35cf5c.jpeg“Here’s your assignment Fredo..,Take this picture, study it and I’ll tell you what to do”…



















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Lew..now that you have turned Eric into an Italian man, I can finally bring him home to meet my very Italian family. My Momma and Papa will be so proud of me because they always wanted to me to marry an Italin guy. Many thanks, lol.

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Lew that was great. And I'm convinced more than ever you must replace the tyrant Kirk as moderator. I am.

Just think with Kirk's generous moderator salary we pay him transferred to you, you won't ever have to work again, ....so you'll have time to post these fun threads daily!

I'm in the mood for Lew....                                                                                    ............................................in 2022!


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