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Not sure where I copied this from...possibly a youtube comment? Besides "Ticket" it's fairly consistent with other setlists I've heard or seen from around that same time. Numbers 7 to 10 likely would have been done medley-style, short excerpts with transitional interludes in between, leading into a full 8-minute treatment of ICR.


1. Ticket To Ride

 2. I Wanna Be With You

 3. Let's Pretend

 4. Last Dance

 5. Ecstasy

 6. Tonight

 7. I Saw The Light

 8. Don't Want To Say Goodbye

 9. I Reach For The Light

10. Waiting

11. I Can Remember

12. The Locomotion

13. Be My Baby

14. Making It Easy

15. Money Down

16. Driving Around

17. Go All The Way

18. Roll Over Beethoven (encore)

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The review includes "On The Beach," so that should be on the set list.

Plus, here’s a setlist from a week before at Public Hall on September 14, 1973:

01 Go All The Way
02 Let's Pretend
03 Drivin' Around
04 Should I Wait
05 Ecstasy
06 Hard To Get Over A Heartbreak
07 Last Dance
08 On The Beach
09 Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
10 I Saw The Light
11 Waiting
12 I Reach For The Light
13 I Can Remember
14 Roll Over Beethoven
15 Money Down
16 Making It Easy
17 I Wanna Be With You
18 I'm A Rocker
19 Tonight

“I’m A Rocker” was the new single at the time, so if they did it in Cleveland the week before, they probably played it at Carnegie Hall as well.


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Yeah, I suppose the fella who wrote that list was going by near-fifty-year memory. It was found in a YT comment, on the live rendition of "Be My Baby." Probably didn't have a clipboard with him at the time, like I've occasionally seen some obsessive guys using at shows.

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Ok, most complete set list I have in my collection comes from Phonograph Record by Alan Betrock.

Here's the order of the songs from his article:

1 Ticket to Ride

2 I Wanna Be With You

3 Let's Pretend

4 Last Dance

5 Ecstasy


7,8,9,10 He then writes they did four 'quieter songs' (I read this as "ballads"). The only one of these four that he mentions by name is I Reach for the Light

11 Locomotion

12 Be My Baby

13 Money Down

14 Makin' it Easy

15 Drivin' Around

16 Go All the Way

17 Roll Over Beethoven

Pretty good list!!

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