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I was not familiar with the tidbit in the second comment by “Ryan from Pennsylvania…

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Jock O’connor from St Andrews Beach, Victoria, Australia.

A fabulous song by Eric!!! A classic! One of my favourite songs ever!!! Brilliant Eric.

Ryan from Pennsylvania

"Jennifer" in the song is a friend of mine. Eric Carmen needed the name of a girl to use, so he asked his nephew what his girlfriend's (at the time) name was. Her name was Jennifer. That same Jennifer went on to become a devout follower of Jesus Christ before marrying a great musician named Charles, who became a Christian even before her. They have been in Christian ministry for 30 years and have touched thousands of lives all over the world for Jesus Christ, including mine.

Tony from Vero Beach, Fl

This is a real "pastiche" song; it sounds like Eric Carmen weaved-in fragments of hit songs of the early '60s to create a mood. If you listen closely, you can hear recognizable bits of "Come A Little Bit Closer" (Jay and the Americans) and "Spanish Harlem" (Ben E. King) in the melody. (There are more, I'm sure, but those two immediately come to mind.) Carmen has incorporated classical refrains into his songs on several occasions; in "Boats Against the Current", he even used "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"!

Brian from Savannah, Ga

Keith, That looks like Scott Shannon, a famous DJ who now works at a station in NYC.

Keith from St. Joseph, Mo

So who is the guy in the picture that they throw darts at?

Kathryn from Portland , Or

I absolutely love this song! Takes me back to my childhood.

Sebastian from Providence, Ri

Eric says that the girl is listening to "Stand By Me", I think that's the same song he suggests to turn up the volume. 

Annabelle from Eugene, Or

Actually, "Hungry Eyes" was featured in "Dirty Dancing". "Almost Paradise" was featured in "Footloose".

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I have no idea how old EC's brother's kids are, but I doubt a hypothetical nephew would have been old enough to have a girlfriend in 1988. Besides, didn't Dean Pitchford do the lyrics? Might be a "cool story bro" situation.

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I call BS on Ryan from Pennsylvania. "Make Me Lose Control" was written after the success of "Hungry Eyes" from Dirty Dancing. Originally titled, "Long Live Rock and Roll," the tune was an homage to the music heard in "Dirty Dancing," with references to classic song titles throughout the tune. Jennifer IMO is an obvious and purposeful reference to Jennifer Grey—'Baby' from Dirty Dancing.

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