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Tom Jones stylin' ABM

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Pretty good!...listening to it inspired me to go listen to some other covers of ABM. Truth is back when Celine had the song on the radio I didn't like it....it seemed to be a bastardized version to me, so I rarely listened to it.

But tonight, giving it another shot, I turned 180° and think she actually knocked  it out of the park. She honored the melody ...and then towards the end put a little (a lot) of her own stamp on it and it really worked. Great version. Credit to her and her team.

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TJ   Definitely does it Justice !      And who can compete with that voice of Celine Dion?                      And kudos to anyone attempting to do covers of Eric's songs..it's all very much appreciated...Because honestly, his songs are extremely difficult to sing and play.

 But for me...Eric is the best singer of his own songs. Also it doesn't matter how many accomplished piano players or keyboardists play this song.....there's something missing when you don't hear Eric playing it on the piano.  As you can tell I'm a little bit of an Eric Carmen fan.  😀🎹

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On 7/19/2022 at 10:53 AM, RCT said:

I like it! EC's haircut in various Boats photos is rather Tom Jones-ish to me.

I agree.  EC did the TJ hair!

Love TJ, but his cover of ABM falls short.  Don't care for his phrasing.  Phrasing is key to a sincere interpretation of this song.

ec tj.jpg

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees it! All that's missing is the big gaudy cross. In his case I daresay a tasteful chai would've looked swell nestled in that chest hair.

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This rules. It simply flat out rules.

We had Tom at the club a number of years ago and not only does he still look amazing but he still SOUNDS amazing too.

Although this really adds nothing to the conversation my "dream band" always consisted of:

Tom Jones: Lead Vocals

Ted Nugent: Guitar

Lemmy: Bass

Bun E. Carlos: Drums

And they would play nothing but covers of 50's Rock & Roll classics. To this day I still get chills thinking about how awesome this would be.


... Just saying.....

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No kidding..Holy Smokes❤️🔥

TJ has great pipes!   Looks like he performed this 10 years ago or less  so he would have been 70+ years old. ( Presently he's 82).


 Great guitar riff there also!

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