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EC gets a little sympathy…

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There was some good competition out there, but this is not a contest. Awards and charts do not mean much but does support the musicians financially.

Back then if a good record sold and you had honest management you were making serious money from a top 40 single or great selling LP but no more!!

Only way for a musician with a name for himself to make  money these days  is to tour and tour alot!

I toured with Modern English on their Pillow Lips tour which was a club/summer venue tour staying in a tour bus and sleeping either there or in a hotel. Not as fun as you might think.

But should not be competitive

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It is said Eric has a net worth of 10 million. That number could have and should have been more, but most great music makers do not know a whole lot about money managing and record promoting.

This is still a good number for him especially since Eric has been inactive musically for quite some time.

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