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EC opinion on Elton “live” show…

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Eric Carmen Praise on Elton John Live 

Jack Suslak
18 years ago

From Eric Carmen.com's Ask Eric Section

Eric, Did you catch Paul McCartney on his last U.S. tour and if so, what did
you think of it?
-Steve Rychard, Seattle, WA

Yes I did, Steve. And you know what? It was the best damned show that I had
seen since Elton John's original Goodbye Yellow Brick Road tour. I've never
been a big Elton John fan (although I probably should have been) and that
Yellow Brick Road tour was the absolute best show I have ever seen in my
life. My girlfriend at the time had gotten terrible tickets in the loge
section and she dragged me along. I changed my tune as soon as Elton and his
band hit the stage. It was sheer perfection from the first moment to the
last moment.

The lighting was perfect. The staging was perfect. Elton's performance was
perfect. Everything I've seen since then has been measured against that
brilliant performance. Nothing ever came close until I saw Paul McCartney in


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18 years ago

If Carmen thought that was Elton's best, too bad he hasn't seen Elton lately.
Today's Live Elton leaves 70s Live Elton in the dust. And that's my honest
opinion. 😄

Liz Rosenthal

- - - -

18 years ago

Aside from the singing, energy level, risk-taking, and
showmanship...I'd have to agree..

- - - -


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I saw Elton in Cleveland a couple years later ( August, 1976 )....and my opinion of the show dittos Eric's. Elton was in his prime on all music fronts, and nobody could really touch him then.

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