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Some Change of Heart opinions…

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Wolfie1966 Feb 28 2012

Though not EC's best it is a pleasant, though very short album. My guess is that Arista wanted a quick follow up to "Boats Against The Current" (back then artists put out roughly an album a year) and Eric is known to labor over his work. So what do you do? My guess is that he was working on an album called "Desperate Fools" and that "Heaven Can Wait" was submitted for the Warren Beatty movie, "Baby I Need Your Lovin" and "Haven't We Come A Long Way" were session fodder; "Change Of Heart" was on Samantha Sangs "Emotion" album; "Hey Deanie" was given to Shaun Cassidy, and "Someday" was left over from the Boats" sessions since it was the flip to the "BATC" single "She Did It". And there you have it. I remember loving this album though when it came out in the fall of 1978.

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Kupa99 Mar 04 2008

Not my favorite lp from Eric. It's quite boring. There is one decent song in my opinion, the Beach Boyish "Someday". The musicians on this album range from members of Toto, Nigel Olsson of Elton John's band, that blockhead--- Bruce Johnston, Burton Cummings from the Guess Who, etc. They didn't help making magic. Sorry folks.

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wallyum Dec 17 2005

Eric Carmen continues his trip down the adult contemporary path.  Change Of Heart is another decent listen if you're a fan of his vocal stylings, but don't expect it to get your pulse racing. I don't know why he felt compelled to include "Hey Deanie", a song that Shaun Cassidy had previously wrecked, but I guess he wanted everyone to know who was responsible for that .


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