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Raspberries Live and Acoustic!


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A great acoustic vesion of IWBWY from the MTV Classic Eddie Trunk Show. Followed by a fabulous acoustic version of Nobody Knows. Maybe Susie could help me get the actual videos posted here

I Wanna Be With You unplugged.mov - YouTube

Raspberries - Nobody Knows (acoustic) 2005 - YouTube

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4 hours ago, Kirk said:

Here you go Batman. If you open the YouTube video and click on 'share' you can copy and paste the link here and it will display the video.

Thank you Kirk! We need to get Reid back on here again!

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It's astonishing these were from 17 years ago. Sheesh.

That is a great band—the four originals augmented so well by the Overdubs. At that point in time, I would have sworn we'd see all-new music from Raspberries... and more visibility on TV programs... and a wider-reaching tour sched... and well-deserved praise from all corners of the music press... and serious calls for Hall of Fame induction... and hit records....

But... I"m grateful for what we did get, including attention from Eddie Trunk and VH1, and occasional tour dates, and two live albums. And a continued groundswell of support for HOF attention. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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