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Jesse Bryson Covers Dad's Fotomaker Tune

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This one is terrific! Support Jesse. Drop a buck on his new single:


jesse bryson- guitar/lead vocal 
frankie vinci- keys/vocals 
lex marchesi- guitar/vocals 
gary frenay- bass 
tommy allen- drums/bg vocals 
henry stadler- bg vocals


New single out Friday! Big Stir Records is proud to announce the June 10 release of a new single from JESSE BRYSON: a cover of the 1978 power pop classic “Come Back” by FOTOMAKER. The single is up for pre-order today at www.bigstirrecords.bandcamp.com and will be streaming everywhere on the street date. The new track is a family affair in more ways than one: “Come Back” was written by Jesse's father WALLY BRYSON, and the backing band on the track represents the close-knit family of guitar pop royalty that's currently orbiting THE FLASHCUBES in their series of collaborative covers with fellow titans and Power Pop Hall Of Fame inductees. 'Cubes drummer Tommy Allen and bassist Gary Frenay anchor the band, which also includes FOTOMAKER alumni FRANKIE VINCI (keys, vocals) and LEX MARCHESI (guitar, vocals). It's a loving tribute to the legendary Wally, and an essential companion piece to the ongoing Flashcubes singles series.

JESSE BRYSON's own musical credentials stand apart from family connections: he's the lead singer and guitarist for THE ROBIN ELECTRIC, and brilliantly performs the same duties on “Come Back”. He's even appeared on Big Stir singles from NYC's STILLSOULS, and a little further back was part of THE BRYSON GROUP alongside his dad... which brings us to Wally himself and FOTOMAKER. In the heyday of New Wave-adjacent power pop resurgence, FOTOMAKER delivered delivered the amazing 1978 one-two punch of their self-titled debut album and its followup Vis-à-Vis, which featured the original version of “Come Back”. Wally Bryson had by then already cemented his stature as power pop royalty at least twice over in THE CHOIR and of course THE RASPBERRIES, and although FOTOMAKER's career was all too brief and the albums underappreciated at the time, they're regarded as shining examples of the genre – and a testament to Wally's mastery of the forum – by fans and critics today.

Flash forward with fellow pop veterans THE FLASHCUBES to the present day, and this inspired pairing of JESSE and one of his father's best tunes. 'Cubes drummer/producer TOMMY ALLEN explains how it all came about: “When The Flashcubes began our covers project, band members and inner circle comrades were submitting songs for consideration. 'Come back' by Fotomaker showed up on a list, and it was always one of my favorite Wally Bryson tunes. It didn't seem quite right for The Flashcubes but we really wanted to shine a light on the song! I've known the Bryson family for a long time and I'd worked with Jesse, so I reached out to see if he'd be interested in recording one of his dad's songs. He immediately said yes, and we began putting the track together.”

“I asked Fotomaker's Frankie Vinci if he'd wanna play and sing on our remake... he said yes and put me in touch with Lex Marchesi of the band who also agreed to sing and play on it! Having Jesse sing his father's tune with two of the guys who were on the original record was just fantastic, and I'm very pleased with the results!” We at Big Stir Records are too, and we're sure you will agree, whether “Come Back” is new to you or a longtime favorite: Jesse's version is a terrific performance of a lost gem, a great tribute to Wally, and deserves to reach the ears of power pop fans of every generation all over the world.

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Bernie, thanks for posting this. I love everything about this—the idea, the concept, the song, the players, Jesse's vocal.... It's all great. Jess no doubt has done his dad proud. It's very true to the original, but there was no need to reinvent this wheel! 

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