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No Respect

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Wow, and Rodney Dangerfield claims HE gets “no respect”. 

I was just channel surfing and happened to see Ann Wilson from Heart singing along with Kelly Clarkson on the Kelly Clarkson show the ballad  “Almost Paradise”. They did a really great version of it, but once they began talking,  Kelly said Ann wrote the song and Ann didn’t bother to correct her! 

I mean, wouldn’t you say something like,  “actually I didn’t write that it was written by a great songwriter named Eric Carmen” ?????

Come on, Ann……. You are better than that.

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With the new curfew in Chicago for young people, I´m glad I left. If I was still there the cops would be stopping me constantly (because of my fountain of youth appearance). And worse, the female cops would be ginning a bribe from me in order to not be taken to jail, the bribe being (as usual) a little amor from James.

: (

P.S. what was the question?

: )

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1 hour ago, Raspbernie said:

Still looking for the clip where Kelly credits Ann with writing the tune, but here's their performance:

It was immediately after the performance of the song. They had a woman In the crowd come up to a microphone and tell them that she met her husband because of the song and Kelly said something to the effect of “Not only did Ann write this song, but because of her these two got together” (paraphrasing). Wilson was looking down and kind of looked up when she said that but never said a word. 

I rewound the DVR twice to make sure I wasn’t hearing things. I don’t blame Kelly, because I’m sure one of her staff incorrectly told her who wrote the song, but very disappointed in Ann, as I’ve always been a fan.

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I read a somewhat recent interview that RStone did with Ann. She described her career as if it was tantamount to being in a concentration camp with maniacs interned with her. I exaggerate to make a point, but the truth is she had a fantabulous career, making great music, making great money, always having a classy reputation and image, getting to enjoy and accomplish all this with her sister, providing music lovers with great music etc etc etc. Of course there were negatives in her career, but on balance it was a career 95% of the population would die for. But in the interview, the overall summary/sinopsis of her career came off as putridly negative, as is so often the way in our whiny times, I guess.

Give me a Kevin Cronin type upbeat and appreciative attitude any day of the week over the wallowing in (mostly false) victimhood stuff.


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