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2005: 25 Years of EricCarmen.com - Year 9


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Even though Raspberries reunited to play an historic show on November 26, 2004 at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio, and a follow-up performance on New Year's Eve that same year, 2005 was the year most fans got to see the band. That year, Raspberries took their reunion show on the road.

The newly reformed band played eight additional shows that year, taking them from coast-to-coast:

January 15, 2005 — House of Blues, Chicago IL
June 26, 2005 — Taste of Summer, Waukesha WI
July 2, 2005 — Coors Amphitheatre, Denver CO
July 15, 2005 — Scene Pavilion, Cleveland OH
July 23, 2005 — B.B. King's New York NY
July 24, 2005 — B.B. King's New York NY
September 17, 2005 — House of Blues, Atlantic City NJ
October 21, 2005 — House of Blues, West Hollywood CA

When Eric first told me the band was getting together, I told him that when I saw Paul McCartney at Madison Square Garden in 2002, they played a pre-show concert film to get the crowd excited and in the mood for the show. I asked if I could make one for their reunion. He agreed. And I did. A version of Raspberries' pre-concert video appears on their "Sunset Strip" Deluxe DVD. But for that one, I edited out some photos and video clips that we couldn't get cleared for that particular release.

So here, for the first time anywhere (unless you saw this open a Raspberries live concert in 2004-05) is the exact video played right before Raspberries set foot on a stage for the first time in three decades.

NOTE: When the audio cuts out after the first few opening notes of "I Wanna Be With You" was when the curtain opened and the live band jumped in.


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I saw the group in Chicago in 2005, and that opening video with its bleed-in to the live 2005 band´s opening riffs of IWBWY, was the most moving moment in my concert going life.

Great idea Bernie, it was, and even better execution!


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It was originally taped for “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert,” but Wally chose to make it un-airable by singing “I don’t give a shit.” It did eventually run on a British concert program, “The Old Grey Whistle Test.”

NOTE: This was the same performance where Eric mumbled an unintelligible word instead of singing “fucking optimistic” in “Starting Over,” proving the boys did get a censor warning. Wally, I guess, chose not to play along.

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Bernie...As I sat at B.B.Kings and this video rolled out, it got me so pumped up as to see what I still think was not gonna happen...Then when the video ended and Jim started playing “live”, it was an unbelievable rush...
P.S....sounded like Jim was playing with polo mallets...

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Last night I watched The Raspberries play Don Kirshners rock concert, ...they were touring "Starting Over".  Man, that´s the best I´ve seen them. They included "All Thru The Night"....and it friggin rocked. They were so at their peek, imho, in writing songs and performing songs. Amazing it would be over in an instant.

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