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2004: 25 Years of EricCarmen.com - Year 8


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2004 was the year fans got to read a massive, new Eric Carmen biography! More than that, visitors of EricCarmen.com were offered a special limited hardcover edition—signed by Eric himself.

ERIC CARMEN: MARATHON MAN was an exclusive, in-depth biography written by Bernie Hogya and Ken Sharp. A major publishing project, two years in the making and fully authorized, ERIC CARMEN: MARATHON MAN (with 432 pages and over 100 unpublished photographs) was the first serious book written about Eric and the Raspberries and is the ultimate inside story for Eric Carmen fans and power pop followers worldwide.


Well he was sixteen, and sick of school. He didn't know what he wanted to do. He bought a guitar. He got the fever. That's rock and roll.

From his formative musical beginnings in Cleveland, Ohio, to his chart-toppers with Raspberries, "Go All The Way," "I Wanna Be With You," and "Overnight Sensation (Hit Record)," to his solo career smashes, "All By Myself," "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again," 'Hungry Eyes," and "Make Me Lose Control," Eric Carmen, who many have rightfully proclaimed the father of power pop, has proven himself a musical genius with few equals.

For the first time ever, this definitive biography chronicled the compelling story of a two-and-a-half-year-old child prodigy who dreamed of becoming the next John Lennon, Paul McCartney, or Mick Jagger. What he really wanted was a hit record (yeah)! He got it, and more, in a career that spanned four decades.

Exhaustively researched, ERIC CARMEN: MARATHON MAN showcased exclusive interviews with Eric, fellow bandmates, producers, musical contemporaries, as well as family and friends, and was profusely illustrated with over 100 rare and previously unpublished photographs.

There were just a handful of the limited hardcover books available. Each copy was personally autographed by Eric Carmen. And they sold out fast. If you were one of the lucky fans who got one, you also received this Certificate of Authenticity showing Eric signing the books.


When Ken and I wrote the book, we had no idea that Raspberries would ever reunite, let alone play concerts coast-to-coast. In fact, the Raspberries chapter of the book ended with this sour prediction: "As for a Raspberries reunion, the general consensus now is that it will never happen."

How glad that we were wrong about that one!

An updated version of the book—with full coverage of the band's reunion—is still available at Amazon.com, Apple Books, or Smashwords in ebook form. If you haven't read the book...what are you waiting for?

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RaspBernie - Thanks to your tip for how to find this gem of a book as an ebook on this site a few months back! I love having access to it on my smartphone, so whenever I have any downtime (like I did a couple weekends back waiting for flights back from my big deal college a cappella reunion concert weekend), I'll go back and read one of the more amusing anecdotes or sections, even though I read it cover to cover non-stop when I first got it via Nook/Barnes & Noble! Such a great & really important read for us avid Eric C. fans, with its insights particularly into the music production processes behind the scenes!!!

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