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1997: 25 Years of EricCarmen.com - Year 1


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We're counting down to "25 Years of EricCarmen.com by highlight each year—starting with our first. On On May 11, 1997, EricCarmen.com welcomed its first visitor. The website was housed on one of America Online's Homepages and titled the "Eric Carmen Home Page." Our Message Board started shortly a couple of weeks later. These were our first posts.


May 28, 1997 - raspbernie@aol.com
The Message Board is hereby online. Go nuts :)

May 29, 1997 - linylee@aol.com
Thank you soooo much for the Eric Carmen home page. I LOVE IT!!! I have been an Eric Carmen fan since I was 14 years old. I thought I had every one of the Raspberries and Eric Carmen albums ever put out but after reading the history of Eric Carmen, I notice that I missed some. I would really like to have anything and everything on Eric Carmen so if anyone out there have things to share & trade, please E-Mail me and let me know. I will be forever grateful and the happiest girl alive!! I am really looking forward to Eric's upcoming CD. In fact, I CAN'T WAIT!!! Anyways don't want to leave too long of a message right now (will be back here later). Just wanted to say that finally RASPBERRIES FANS CAN NOW UNITE!! I am interested in receiving e-mail from anyone who's a Raspberries and/or Eric Carmen fan. I LOVE ERIC CARMEN!!

May 29, 1997 - sperry@computron.net
I had actually got to meet Eric backstage in Houston,TX in 1978. An old school buddy of mine was working security and he said he would see if it was okay to go back and meet him. Eric was very pleasant and said he was always glad to met his fans. Being a Raspberries fan since Jr. High, it was a real honor meeting him. We talked about 20 minutes and he asked me "Did you like the gig tonight"? OF COURSE!

May 29, 1997 - ronsu@aol.com
Welcome, everyone. To the best home page on the WWW. Ron

May 29, 1997 - ronsu@aol.com
Hi everyone. I have a large selection of Eric Carmen and Raspberries tapes and videos, CD's and all kinds of neat things that I have available to trade. I'm looking for collectors to trade with. If interested please Email me. Thanks Ron

May 29, 1997 - juliad@epix.net
VERY nice job, Bernie!!! Congrats! Any berries/E.C. fan, feel free to email me... Beat ya here, Randy!!! LOL!!! Julia

May 29, 1997 - aguinald@hawaii.edu
Aloha, I have been looking *years* for an EC page. I have been an EC fan for 10 years. First exposure was "Hungry Eyes." Not really EC, but I bought Best of EC then tracked down Raspberries Best and then Boats. I flipped when I heard "Love Is All That Matters" and "Nowhere to Hide." I had fun listening to the guitar shift channels in "Take It Or Leave It." Mostly, I ramped up "Go All the Way" and annoyed my neighbors. I dipped into old record bins through the years and got the Arista solos. "Desperate Fools Overture" should be expanded for a full symphony if you ask me. Found the "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" 45. Cannot find the Geffen LP. Recently I got the Raspberries Collectors Series. Along the way I got some Rachmaninoff, too... the first time I ever seriously listened to classical music. No wonder EC borrowed: Rachmaninoff rocks. Then, for a while, I put my EC collection away. I kept hearing rumors of a new album, but you know how it is, and life goes on. Then I heard Celine Dion cover EC. First time I heard it, I knew something was wrong. She yelled out the song with some sort of overdone percussion and harsh keyboards and --!!! After hearing the "new" version, I turned on my stereo and listened to Eric's full eight minutes. Then I left the record playing. Then I cranked up "Go All The Way" and "Tonight" and all the rest. I got hooked all over again. Literally. An EC song is not only a song. It is about orchestration, arrangement, nuances, lyrics. Every instrument is respected, from the piano to the acoustic 12-string to EC's voice. The result is "Overnight Sensation" or "Boats Against The Current." For the last month I have been listening to Fresh on my commutes. As for Celine, "Nobody know-oh-oh-oh-oh-ohs what it does to me-e-e!" I heard EC has new stuff coming out so I did a simple Alta Vista search and I found your EC page. The interview with EC was great, first real one I have read. I read a couple Rolling Stone interviews w/David Wild and they are not as in depth. EC sounds like I expected him to sound: thoughtful introspective and having way too much fun. Keep up the good work. Anyway, I can see I went a little long. It has been 10 long years that I have been waiting to share my thoughts on EC. If you ever get a chance to talk to him, could you say thanks? Or, "Mahalo" would be more appropriate. Thanks to him, I learned how to like classical music, got into the Beach Boys & Beatles and even read The Great Gatsby. And now that I examine my own influences as a writer, I find that Eric Carmen has taught me as much as Shakespeare or Robert Frost. Maybe even more so because while Frost is what they teach me in class, Eric Carmen is the one taking me home. Aloha, Chris Aguinaldo

May 29, 1997 - szilags@cesmtp.ccf.com
Congrats on the great page! I was thrilled to read the long interview with Eric, and to discover that "She Remembered" is also one of his favorite songs. I got it on a crummy little tape that Arista just tossed onto the market -- I think I found it by accident in the cut out bin in Sam Goody's in Rockefeller Center. But what a terrific song! If you're an Eric Carmen or Raspberries fan, you've got to hear it. And Eric is right, where the girl says "I never thought you would remember" is sensational. Of course, everything Eric does (when he isn't imitating Roger Daltrey or Rod Stewart). On the other hand -- what are those funny squeaking noises at the beginning of the first cut of Eric's first solo album? Do I have a defective LP?

May 31, 1997 - DKrider214@AOL.Com
I'm only 15 years old. Have been for 25 years. Bernie, man, you are the greatest Raspbuddy (your term) I know. Maybe Eric will get the recognition he has long deserved. Anyone who wants to can email me (the direct way is to click on my name in the links section where Bernie has kindly listed me.) I have multiples of most of the LPs, cassettes, CDs and 8-tracks, plus video, etc. Bernie, Ron Sutton and I have to have the greatest collections around. Bernie, I toast your efforts here with a scotch and soda left for me by Eric's shadow in the corner booth... Go to Member Reviews on AOL in the Musicspace channel everyone. I have a review of the Raspberries "Powerpop" series in Rock/Pop. Get these two wonderful volumes if you haven't already. Don Krider

Jun 5, 1997 - peter.torsen@swipnet.se
Well...great to hear from a real powerpop hero again.

Jun 1, 1997 - PATRICZIK@compuserve.com
Wonderful news about the E.C. homepage. I went through it quickly (and copied the intensive interview, which I will read before I go to bed) and must say it looks perfect! Great work. I certainly will go back to it many times.

Jun 3, 1997 - Pjdrums@lrbcg.com
Cowboy Bob says hello. 20 yrs. ago in North Ridgeville at the Exit or the Cyrus Erie club. I was the drummer down the way at Harrish's nightclub. Remember my buckskin jacket and white bucks? I think Wally Bryson started that name. Glad to see you went somewhere with your music. Please let me do some drum tracks for you. I think you might be impressed. Just a chance? Later Sam Glorioso

Jun 4, 1997 - Linda.Lee@Schwab.COM
Just want to let you know how much I LOVE your Eric Carmen page!! I never thought I'd live to see the day when there would be stories and info all on Eric!! Needless to say, I am a BIG Eric fan! Keep up the great work on Eric's home page!! You bet I and millions of other Eric fans will be visiting that page every day. We really appreciate the great work you're doing! Keep it up and please keep in touch! Till next time, Linda

Jun 5, 1997 - DZNZRZ@aol.com
Nice job so far, Bernie. I'll be checking on the page often!

Jun 6, 1997 - brianmsu@juno.com
Julia you beat me to the page. But who will win the race to buy the June 13 CD? Only time will tell. Great page, Bernie. How can we ever convince Eric to tour? I've got Eric/Raspberries stuff that I can tape for anyone interested. Randy

Jun 10, 1997 - pittd@ozemail.com.au
Great page Bernie - thanks! Wonder if anyone can help me find sheet music (piano) arrangements of Eric's work. Also, any leads on the rarer solo CDs would be appreciated. Regards, David

Jun 11, 1997 - sdor@up.net
Hi, I just checked into this site. Just proves that if you're devoted to an artist, somebody will put a web page together. I've been a long time Eric Carmen fan & this site looks pretty informative. I know he has a "Definitive Collection" coming out next week. The track listing that I read lists only 15 songs whereas the Article running in the current issue of Billboard says the disk will have 18 tracks. Can I hope that those missing songs will be "Sunrise","I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips" and "I'm Through With Love?" I'd appreciate somebody letting me know. If those songs are included, it'll make that collection all the more special. Also, will it include the long version of "All By Myself"??? Thanks for another site I've added to my "favorites"! If anybody would like to email me back, feel free! Steve Orchard

Jun 11, 1997 - gaglio@diemme.it
Hello, everyone. I'm a new fan of Eric Carmen, and I'd like to know where I can find the lyrics to all of his songs. I'm searching for the lyrics to "Boats Against The Current" and "It Hurts Too Much" most of all. If somebody knows, E-mail me. PLEASE!!!

Jun 12, 1997 - jlc77092@aol
Any chance or date if Eric's new CD will be released in the U.S.?

Jun 12, 1997 - raspbernie@aol.com
I want to thank everyone for stopping by. All of your kind words and encouragement inspire me to make this home page better every day. The Geffen CD is out, Eric's Definitive Collection will be out next week, and his new CD is expected this fall. Eric Carmen fans, rejoice :) Bernie Hogya

Jun 15, 1997 - popa@yebb.com
Great page Bernie! I like the rest of you am a huge fan of Eric and his group the Raspberries. I have all of his music and all of the Raspberries stuff (the only tapes and CDs I own) I'll be checking back often and am looking forward to all of his new material soon. The current Billboard magazine has a great article on Eric and his new anthology due out June 17, I hope they re-release some of these songs to radio stations. I am confident his new CD will be terrific! Play On!!! Paul W.

Jun 16, 1997 - Marvin_Matthews@cprailway.com
Bernie, Thanks so much for the great page! I will go out on a limb and say that I am the biggest EC / Raspberries fan in Canada. Anyone out there want to challenge this statement??? All e-mailer's welcome. There is also a fantastic Home Page out there on the Raspberries, with great info on Wally, Scott, & Jim. Hope to hear from some Canadian fans. Marvin Matthews

Jun 19, 1997 - aguinald@hawaii.edu
Hey Bernie, Julia and all you Raspbuddies: How are you all enjoying the Definitive Collection? "Boats" with the backup singers sounds like a brand new song. So maybe we should request it (or any song) on all our radio stations. How about those liner notes -- David Wild deserves a hand. I still have not gotten my hands on the Geffen release. Wish me luck (Julia knows the story). Long live rock and roll, Chris

Jun 19, 1997 - portacom@portacom.com.au
Thanks for the great page. I have all of EC CD's from Japan. I noticed that the new collection CD does not have any selections from "Tonight your Mine" -- arguably his best release. Do you know why this is? Anyway, I love his style and I thank you for your efforts. Neil Hancock (Australia)

Jun 19, 1997 - raspbernie@aol.com
Wow! Australia. Cool! Bernie Hogya

Jun 25, 1997 - juliad@epix.net
YAY Bernie! I'm sure all the "regulars" here join me in congratulating you on your visitor counter passing the 1000 mark! Just the first of many milestones for you here, I'm sure... enjoy the moment!!! :) Julia

Jun 25, 1997 - raspbery@aol.com
Hey Bernie, had to include my 2 cents in the message column. I love this page. It's great to know that there are so many fans out there. By the way, I've got to be in the top ten of longtime dedicated Raspberries fans. You can E-Mail me at Raspbery@aol.com

Jun 29, 1997 - ebs@stratos.net
Thanks for the great web site, Bernie! It brought back some great memories of Cyrus Erie and the Raspberries. God, I remember going down to Boston Mills to see Cyrus Erie when I was a kid (about 16). Memory Lane, indeed! Anyway, I was curious to find out what Carmen is doing now. Is he still actively recording? Is he producing? I've heard that he's living in Cleveland again. Although I've never met him, I feel I know him well through his music and on stage performances... especially at Boston Mills. Good wishes to him and if you get a chance, I'd love to here what his newest projects might be. Nick Peters

Jul 1, 1997 - gaglio@diemme.it
Hello everyone. I just wanted to know if Eric's last album, DEFINITIVE COLLECTION, is available in Italy, which is the country where I live. I'm dying to put my hands on it! Oh, by the way, in these next few days, about July 20, I should go to England on holiday. Does any of you know if I can the album there? If somebody knows something about that, please E-mail ASAP. Thanks.

Jul 8, 1997 - aggiesjc@jps.net
Thanks so much for this home page. Fabulous. Just what I need to make my day! Jennifer Corkery

Jul 10, 1997 - brudd@humber.ac.uk
Hi, I have to say this is a brilliant set of pages. Keep on rocking. Does anyone out there know where I could lay my hands on the sheet music for Eric's first Arista album? Bryan

Jul 11, 1997 - rmerani@mail.usyd.edu.au
I am looking for the sheet music or guitar tablature for the Eric Carmen song "All By Myself". If anyone knows where I can get a hold of this, please Email me at rmerani@mail.usyd.edu.au - Thanks heaps, Rohan

Jul 12, 1997 - maryanne-b@usa.net
Can you please tell me if the CD that Eric has recorded in Japan will be released here in the United States, and also will it be in English... I just have to get my hands on those new songs... I have everything that he has ever released since I was 14 years old... My sister and I met him once when he was with the Raspberries... Wally Bryson gave me the pick to his guitar and it is still one of my most cherished possessions... Please e-mail me a quick note and let me know about the new release... I will be RUNNING to the store to get the Definitive Collection this week now that I know it is out!! Thank you sooooo much for your info... maryanne-b

Jul 12, 1997 - raspbernie@aol.com
Maryanne, Eric's new CD was recorded in Cleveland, Ohio where it all began 25 years ago. It's currently scheduled for a Fall release on CD in Japan, but that doesn't mean it won't be released here as well. Keep checking the Eric Carmen Home Page for details. Bernie Hogya

Jul 12, 1997 - pwrpop1@aol.com
Great Board for the Powerpop King. Ian

Jul 16, 1997 - Kisinmama@aol.com
Hi - I'm a forty year old rasp/EC fan. I have every musical release from Eric except the album Starting Over. I am going to order the powerpop CD collection to have all the Rasp music on CD, but I would really like to get my hands on a good old vinyl version of Starting Over. Is there anyone who can help me out? Also, if "Boats", "Tonight", or "Change" are available on CD - I'd love that, too - Thanks.

Jul 18, 1997 - lulu@primenet.com
Great job on the web page! And it's about time Eric Carmen was recognized in cyberspace where all his fans can keep up with him and each other. I've been a big Carmen fanatic since I was 12 years old (anyone remember the Carmen Connection fan letter?) but have never had the opportunity to see him play live. He's always been a bit of an enigma. Now I can finally catch up with his latest music (had no idea there was even a greatest hits collection out until I found this web page) and the latest gossip. I ran into Eric in a restaurant in LA years ago but was too chicken to do anything but stare and whisper. He seemed to notice and graciously came into the room where I was waiting for a table at the bar but I still didn't have the nerve to approach. Believe me, I'm kicking myself now. Does anyone know anything about Eric Carmen such as age, marital status, kids, current projects besides the new solo album? Thanks again for giving us this great web page and message board!

Jul 25, 1997 - Aluber@bellsouth.net
Make sure your new CD is released in the US!

Aug 1, 1997 - maryanne-b@usa.net
Thanks for answering my question Bernie about where the new fall release was recorded... I have a friend who is a pilot with United and they fly to Japan all the time... If they don't release that CD in the fall to us here in the US my friend is going to try and pick it up for me... Call me a fanatic or a groupie or whatever But I must have that new CD... No other musician can move me like Eric Carmen... His music is the greatest! Thanks again. maryanne-b

Aug 5, 1997 - bob_northcott@unc.edu
Hey Eric, I have been a fan for over 20 years now. Every thing you have done has consistently blown me away. The best single stage performance I ever saw was Raspberries right after Fresh came out. You shared the bill with the Doobie Bros. and Savoy Brown, in front of about 200 obviously hostile and obnoxious jerks (and a section of dedicated fans), and you guys played like there was no tomorrow. I've always carried that image and that lesson with me in my years of musical travels. I sincerely hope you have a wonderful birthday, and maybe someday I'll figure out the intro to "Tonight"! Bob Northcott

Aug 5, 1997 - kevlin@worldnet.att.net
Thanks for years of great music! I'm a longtime fan and my D.O.B. is August 11, 1961. Happy Birthday!!! Kevin R. Barnes, 90 N. Alling Rd., Tallmadge, Oh 44278 (330)633-1203

Aug 6, 1997 - kgeorge1@rodalepress.com
Has Eric Carmen ever performed or sung with the band "The Cars?"

Aug 7, 1997 - s.sanvenero@tin.it
auguri da una tua italian fan

Aug 8, 1997 - martin@itd.adelaide.edu.au
Well Done! An Essential Home Page long overdue! Looking forward to some more EC gems!! Also congrats to Ken Sharp for the superb Raspberries book "Overnight Sensation"... if you haven't got a copy, ORDER one now!!

Aug 11, 1997 - raspbernie@aol.com
Eric, from "Sparrow" to "I Was Born To Love You" and everything in between, thanks for the music. Without it, my life surely would have had more devastating lows and less exhilarating highs. Your music was there for me through it all. So it's with sincere appreciation and great admiration that I wish you a very happy birthday! Bernie Hogya

Aug 11, 1997 - Ronsu@aol.com
Happy Birthday Eric, Thanks for all the great years of music that you have provided me and all your other fans! Here's wishing you many more happy birthdays! Best Wishes. Ron Sutton

Aug 11, 1997 - juliad@epix.net
Hi Eric! Wishing you the very best, now and always...Julia

Aug 11, 1997 - pwrpop1@aol.com
Eric, Happy birthday! Ian

Aug 11, 1997 - marc@agate.net
Greetings From Maine, Eric! - Happy Birthday to you from a very long-time fan. (Your shows at Carnegie Hall, Central Park, St. Joseph's University (Queens, NY) will forever remain in memory. Fantastic Shows!! (I was one of those fanatic fans that chased after your limo after your Central Park show and I managed to pop my head in the vehicle for a peek of Raspberries.) My apologies - but a great memory!! I even remember your unfortunate "truck breakdown" at the Arista 1st year Birthday bash - a sad disappointment, but I caught up with you at St. John's University (Queen's, NY in '77). I wish you a great birthday and many many more to come. I do hope to see you in concert again in the future. Be Well and Stay Safe - Marc Katz

Aug 11, 1997 - agtninety9@aol.com
Happy Birthday Eric! I hope you have a wonderful day! Thank you so much for all of the wonderful pop memories you have given me throughout the years. I look forward to your new music. I love you! Denise

Aug 11, 1997 - plumbob612@aol.com
Eric, Thanks for all the great music and inspiration!! Happy Birthday and may this year bring you all the best!!!! Can't wait to hear the new CD!!!! Bob Palumbo

Aug 11, 1997 - sdor@up.net
Hi Eric, Steve Orchard from kingsford, Michigan checking in. I work the retail end of music after years of being a radio PD. Remember playing lots of your songs over the years. Want to wish the best for you & I understand you have a new CD coming out sometime this year. Look forward to hearing it! Just picked up the 1985 Geffen release on CD! Happy birthday!

Aug 11, 1997 - edgeoffluk@aol.com
Hey Eric, Janey and I both send you our love and many happy returns on this your birfday. It has been really great for both of us to get to know you better. Samantha wants you to come to our sushi bar and draw a few more cartoons for her. OK? Love, Janey, Bruce and Sam.....

Aug 11, 1997 - DKrider214@AOL.Com
Your music has been a big part of my life for a quarter-century now. Your lyrics are among the best ever written, your music has a uniqueness that escapes many artists, and you are, as the Australian book "The New Music" said in 1980, "one of the Top 5 vocalists" of the last three decades. That your songs have stood the test of time is a credit to your abilities. Your fans will always be there for you---we always have been. To you, a Happy Birthday. To you and your lovely wife, many happy years together and the treasure that is the wealth of a Happy Marriage. Don Krider, P. O. Box 43391, Louisville, Ky. 40253-0391

Aug 11, 1997 - raspery.aol.com
Happy birthday Eric! Thanks for all the great music in the past, and all the great music still to come! I'm really looking forward to your new album. Please, please, please consider doing a Raspberries reunion! Thanks, Bill

Aug 11, 1997 - wrlmoore@ix.netcom.com
Happy Birthday Eric. My sisters and I have been fans from the very beginning. We love your music. In fact, we saw The Raspberries perform twice -- once in Albany, NY (1974) and again in NJ (late 1974). We both said, "Hello," and complimented you on your talent. We both were heartbroken when the group broke up. Then you went solo and made even better music. We were thrilled with your songs for the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Most of the current music is just window dressing, and not much substance. Your dedication and talent comes through in all your songs. I am checking daily with my local music store for your latest CD -- Definitive Collection. Also, I have my fingers crossed for the Japan CD to be released here in the US. Thanks again for all the great songs -- they bring back many memories from my youth. Do you have any clue of where I might be able to get a copy of The Raspberries appearance on IN CONCERT -- you guys were on sometime in early 1974. This was before VCRs and we tried to take photographs of our TV set in order to have a lasting image of your handsome face. Are you planning to do any touring or public appearances soon? I would love to surprise my sister by taking her to see you and listen to you sing. I will look forward to your reply. Have a great birthday. Love, Robin Moore (wrlmoore@ix.netcom.com)

Aug 11, 1997 - maryanne-b@usa.net
Happy Birthday Eric... Thanks so much for the joy in music that you have given to me over the years... Your songs have been a part of my life for over 25 years... Can't wait to get a copy of the Definitive Collection... Hopefully our local stores will carry it soon... Keep up those contacts with the US recording studios so we all can get a copy of the new CD... I know it is a MUST for my collection and I haven't even heard it yet... Sure do wish you were preforming in the states currently... Would love to see your show again... I will keep watching the HOME PAGE for updates... Again Happy Birthday!!!! Hope all your dreams come true... Mare Bartholomew... Lisbon, Ohio

Aug 11, 1997 - estbrook@junction.net
Best wishes to you Eric for a very happy birthday. Thank you so much for the gift of your music... Holly

Aug 11, 1997 - marvin_matthews@cprailway.com
Eric, hope you have a great day. Thanks for the wonderful music that you've given us. I have been writing songs for as long as I can remember, (no pun intended) and can truly say that your music has been a major influence. I look forward to hearing your new release. All the best. Marvin Matthews - Montreal, Canada

Aug 11, 1997 - Singa21457
"Happy Birthday, Dear Eric, Happy Birthday To You!" I feel as though you are one of the family, since as long as I have known Bernie (19 years) and been married to him (17), you have been THE constant 'numero uno' on his list of favorites. I can personally attest to the level of dedication that he brings to this labor of love, and the admiration that he has for you and your music. I would like to add my best wishes for a very Happy Birthday, and you would be more than welcome in our home anytime! Kathy Hogya

Aug 11, 1997 - neil@portacom.com.au
Happy birthday Eric, thanks for all your wonderful songs and feelings. I may be Western Australia, but all my friends think very highly of your talents "down under." Keep it up !

Aug 11, 1997 - KathieA@prodigy.net
Happy birthday Eric! I've loved your music for almost 20 years now and I'm looking forward to more in years to come! Have a great day! Kathie

Aug 11, 1997 - pfilho@summer.com.br
Happy birthday and many creative years more! I live in Brazil and don't speak English very well, but I like your songs!

Aug 11, 1997 - garytg@erols.com
Eric... hey... long time... met you in Silver Springs Maryland many years ago... at a high school of all places, during a Raspberries concert... around 1972... Have been a huge fan ever since. Happy Birthday... Hope to see you in concert soon... You have a lot more fans out here then you know, buddy... lets go !! Gary Gray, Culpeper, Va. - E mail: garytg@erols.com

Aug 11, 1997 - ELKEVBO@Mediaone.net
Happy Birthday Eric from your biggest fan in the Boston area. They better release your forthcoming CD in the USA as well as Japan.

Aug 11, 1997 - kisinmama@aol.com
Looking forward to many more years of great music! Keep the fire! - Jim

Aug 11, 1997 - hen5@msn.com
Dear Eric: Happy Birthday! I want to thank you for all of the brilliant music you have given me since I first heard the Raspberries in the Seventies. There are only a handful of people alive that could create work as beautiful as "Starting Over" or "I Can Hardly Believe You're Mine." Never stop writing or singing with that incomparable voice. Many Happy Returns. Larry Henley, Las Vegas, NV

Aug 11, 1997 - choc_bono@geocities.com
Eric, I know you've probably heard this a million and one times before, but I love you! Listening to your music is like reaching into my soul and putting my very essence into music. Have a great birthday, Eric! Lyndal

Aug 11, 1997 - sturtle@netski.net.au
Eric, Thanks to Lyndal (choc_bono) I have been reintroduced to the power and pleasure of your music. I never realized before just how much I appreciated it, in spite of having "lived" through the 70's! Thanks for the wonderful noise ... here's hoping it continues! Happy Birthday, Eric! Steve. T.

Aug 11, 1997 - lulu@primenet.com
Best wishes on your birthday, Eric! I feel as if we've grown up together since you've always been there for me along the way; you were one of the few constants in my life. I've bought up all possible Carmen CDs available here or as Import and look forward to the new CD, import or not I'm there! As long as I've been a fan I've never seen you play live and hope that's possibly in the cards for the future. We've never met but I did run into you at the Moustache Cafe in LA years ago. You must've seen the stunned look on my face even though I never said a word to you. Something I've been regretting ever since! Once again, have a happy one and know that your loyal fans are still here enjoying what you do! Kathy Bakken / lulu@primenet.com

Aug 11, 1997 - haskge@home.com
Happy birthday! Hope you have many more.

Aug 11, 1997 - wallyr@itis.com
Hi Eric... Greetings from Madison, Wisconsin! I just want to wish you a very happy birthday and to thank you for the beautiful gift of your songs to me and all of your fans. I have been a fan since I was in 8th grade and will continue to be one forever. Your music has helped me through the teen years, my wild college days, my divorce, or just any day when I feel the "need" for some cruisin music. I am in great anticipation of any new music and would love to see you perform someday. Have a great day! - Paula - P.S.: My husband and 2 year old son love your music too!!!

Aug 11, 1997 - monta@mxp.meshnet.or.jp
Happy birthday Eric. My name is monta atsumi. I live in Japan. I'm 23. You're my most favorite artist. I'm a Power Pop fan too. I'm looking forward to hearing your new album. So long!

Aug 11, 1997 - LobsterLvr@aol.com
Happy Birthday Eric! I was going to buy you a present, but when I thought of all the gifts you've given us over the last 25 years, nothing could come close. Hope your birthday wishes come true. Dave Shea, Highland Park, NJ

Aug 11, 1997 - DeanJoy@calweb.com
Happy Birthday to the greatest singer-song writer for the baby-boomer generation. You are our F. Scott Fitzgerald!

Aug 11, 1997 - BZD04071@niftyserve.or.jp
$B$*$a$G$H$!* (J Happy birthday from Tokyo.) I've loved your music for 10 years; will I ever be able to see your stage in Japan? Love, Yumi Yagi

Aug 11, 1997 - dizoncd@aol.com
Dear Eric, I've been a fan for many, many years. Your music has provided me many hours of happiness -- helped through high school and college. No one else can write music so beautiful it gives me "chills" down my spine... This is a big wish for a great birthday -- and great success in your future (another CD, please??)!!! Cathy Dizon Sacramento, CA

Aug 11, 1997 - sperry@computron.net
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!!!!!! Here's wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays, and many more to come. Also thanks for ALL the Rock-N-Roll that you have given us. Sincerely Steve Perry

Aug 11, 1997 - aguinald@hawaii.edu
How do I thank a guy whose music has been with me through a lot of good and bad times? I just realized that "Dirty Dancing" came out 10 years ago, which makes it a *decade* since I have been a fan. Without him, I probably would have written pretty lousy poems to girls back in high school (and the early part of college) and never met these folks who really appreciate his music. "But for you there would be no me." Regards, Chris Aguinaldo

Aug 11, 1997 - popa@YEBB.com
Happy birthday Eric! I have been a lifelong fan but have never seen you perform live on stage, we all hope you play a few sites to promote your new CD this fall. I heard Wally Bryson played guitar on some of your new material, any chance of a Raspberries reunion sometime???? Have a great day and good luck in the future. Paul West Sioux Falls, SD

Aug 11, 1997 - pwheadon@sisna.com
Happy Birthday, Eric. I'm a huge Brian Wilson fan, and love your references to his style in your work.

Aug 11, 1997 - kunihiko@esv.co.jp
Happy birthday Eric. I am looking forward to your new album.

Aug 11, 1997 - buenafe@tech-center.com
Mr. C., Happy Birthday to an incredible song writer. Songs are timeless. I still listen to my Best of Raspberries CD! I look forward to future album. Marc Buenafe in southern California

Aug 11, 1997 - folk.arock@swipnet.se
Happy birthday Eric! I look forward to hear some new songs from you. Maybe a reunion with the raspberries??? Don't wanna live all by myself. bye,bye!

Aug 11, 1997 - Brian-Mac@msn.com
Dear Eric, You've got money, fame, and coast to coast acclaim, and you've managed to maintain your privacy. You've stayed on top, and you've done it on your own terms. You have a cult following, yet are a mainstream artist, a successful songwriter, and an international sensation. It's been a wonderful first 45 years! Thanks for all the great music, and all the songs you "pluck out of the air" in the future. NOW RELEASE THE DAMN ALBUM ALREADY! Happy Birthday Eric, Tony B.

Aug 11, 1997 - Donmand@aol.com
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC CARMEN! ! ! I have been a BIG FAN of your since RASPBERRIES introduced me to LIVE Rock 'n Roll on Aug. 15, 1974. That's the day I saw RASPBERRIES perform LIVE at the Brown County Fair in New Ulm, MN. Growing up in a small town, (New Ulm is 13,000 people) give one the idea all "BIG" Rock Concerts happen in large cities or on TV. Here was a bonafide Rock band planning literally in my own backyard. I came away with fond memories and RASPBERRIES out-classed the Eagles who I saw later that Summer. In spite of what the sales charts say RASPBERRIES will always be my Number 1 Rock Band! ! ! After the RASPBERRIES disbanded I continued to followed your career. In March of 1976 I saw you perform in St Paul, MN from the first row! It was your first solo album and tour. I brought a cheap little camera but did manage to capture a great photo of Eric and Michael McBride. This photo is framed and I proudly display in my home today. I think what has meant the most to me is your creative songwriting. Over the years as Life takes it's Ups and Downs there is a constant source that continues to pull me through. That source is Eric Carmen's GREAT MUSIC. So I owe you a BIG THANK YOU; for the "Gift of Music". You are a one-of-a-kind singer/songwriter. We are all eagerly awaiting the release of your new album. Once again; have a Great Birthday! ! ! Best Regards, Don Manderfeld (Donmand@aol.com)

Aug 11, 1997 - sleasure@icx.com
Happy birthday and thank you for sharing with the rest of the world the romantic side of life and music. It takes a man among man to open such scars and be a "Boat Against The Current." Please release something soon, but for now seize the day. Steve

Aug 11, 1997 - KBesq@aol.com
Howdy, Eric! Happy Birthday from Kevin Butch of Green Bay, WI (Yep, Packer and Brewer fan, though I pulled for your Indians against those damn Braves a few years back...). Also a Happy Birthday on behalf of the 6th, 7th, and 8th graders of Black Creek Elementary School in Black Creek, WI. That fine group of young people have heard enough about the Raspberries to last them the rest of their lives. Write another hit to prove their teacher knows what he's talking about! See ya!

Aug 11, 1997 - linylee@aol.com
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Eric!!! Hope this will be your best birthday yet!! I love you and so does your other million fans out there. We would really LOVE to see you in concert one day soon. Most of us have never had the opportunity to see you live in concert yet. Can you please consider doing one real soon? Hopefully a West Coast one cause you've got millions of fans here in California alone!! Anyways, have a wonderful, wonderful birthday and enjoy your big day! The rest of your fans will be celebrating your birthday at home, fantasizing that you are actually here with us. ;) Love you always, Linda

Aug 11, 1997 - john-v_smith@nt.com
Happy Birthday Eric (Sure would like to hear some new, Raspberries-like, music). Anyway, have a great day. --- John V. Smith --- Cary, NC

Aug 11, 1997 - brudd@humber.ac.uk
Hey Eric - Happy Birthday mate from a little corner of England called Hull (Yorkshire). Being born in 1960 has meant that my teenage years(and beyond)have coincided with your incredible music. When I play your stuff with my band, everybody rocks. Thanks mate for all the pleasure you have brought,keep on keeping on. Have a great Birthday. Bryan Rudd (& Dee St. band) Hull/Yorkshire/England

Aug 11, 1997 - brian.fysh@sympatico.ca
Happy Birthday Eric... looking forward to your new album this fall!

Aug 11, 1997 - PATRICZIK@compuserve.com
Dear Eric, through this message I would like to wish you a happy birthday and many more years to come. Your music has been an inspiration for me for over 15 years and meeting you in June of this year was the dream of a lifetime come true. At the moment I am going through a difficult phase in my life, but the memories of meeting you and the music you gave to us all in these past twenty-some years will carry me through. Like all of your fans I am looking forward to that new album, and with songs on it like "I Was Born To Love You" and "Top Down Summer" I am sure that the fans won't be disappointed by it. On the contrary, they will be thrilled. Again, have a nice day next Monday and while listening to "Boats Against The Current" I will raise a glass to your health that day! From the #1 Eric Carmen/Raspberries fan from the Netherlands. Pat Beckers

Aug 11, 1997 - mongoshock@earthlink.net
Hey Eric - Happy Birthday, man! I just watched a videotape of The Raspberries in the studio with "Shelley," sometime in the early 70s. He was pointing out what great things he'd done for the band production wise. He was asking you if you could believe all the top 10 action the band was getting. Well, I can believe it. Group's great. You rule. Have a great one, Rubin Fiberglass

Aug 11, 1997 - Gapsmith@aol.com
Dear Eric... Hope you have a happy birthday... I'm a friend of Bruce Gaitsch's - he's a great guy and speaks very highly of you... both as a person and a talent... I love your music and can't wait for the new CD... which I know Bruce has played on... hope you'll come to Philly if you tour with the new CD... looking forward to seeing you in person... take care... and again, hope your birthday is a great one... Sincerely GREG SMITH... gapsmith@aol.com

Aug 11, 1997 - adamjen@treknet.net
Happy Birthday Eric... I am 21 years old and I grew up listening to my mother play your records over and over and over... When I was 4 years old I sat on the swing in our back yard singing Sleep with Me... The neighbors wondered what kind of family I came from... To this day I know your voice when I hear it on the radio long before the DJ tells the artist... I think that you are great and I look forward to hearing the new stuff that will be coming out in the fall.... Again Happy Birthday... Jenny H.

Aug 11, 1997 - core@napri.sk
Hi Eric! Wishing you the very best. Juraj a Jaroslav from Slovak republic.

Aug 11, 1997 - jbryan@panynj.gov
Listening to the NY radio stations this AM while commuting, I heard it was your birthday. Been a fan since '72, but never knew this was your day. Enjoy! Your lyrics have been inspiring, your voice is distinctive and powerful, and your compositions are singable, while intricate! Can't wait for new tunes and some touring. "Dreams are forever..." and you've given things to us that we'll never forget. Jeff Bryant, Manasquan, NJ.

Aug 18, 1997 - DizonCD@aol.com
I am another EC fan, and I just wanted to thank you for a great EC Home page. I love your home page (I found it through the Raspberries Home page). I got my EC CDs from Tower today by mail. Also my younger sister sent me a video with Raspberries/EC clips and it arrived TODAY. The timing couldn't be more perfect - to arrive on EC's birthday. YEAH! I'm having a splendid EC birthday celebration, and I hope you are, too.

Aug 20, 1997 - roaddirt@jvlnet.com
Just found your Eric Carmen page... excellent. Glad to get some information about what's happening. Will keep checking for new info. I thought I was the only big EC fan but I guess I'm not...

Aug 20, 1997 - aguinald@hawaii.edu
Re: The Eric Carmen Story - Remarkable. Regards, Chris Aguinaldo

Aug 22, 1997 - bewlay@poncacitynews.com
When I was in 3rd grade I remember cranking my parents' stereo with Eric's first album. It was my audio bible for a lot of lonely times. Recently I was appalled to hear Celine Dion's Meatloafish version of "All By Myself" on the radio. I'm glad for Eric getting some royalties. I just got the Capitol Collectors CD of the Raspberries and now hear Eric's origins. What a great band they were. "Overnight Sensation" is awesome. I haven't heard much of his newest songs except "Hungry Eye" and "Make Me Lose Control" but I would love to hear some new music from here stateside. Eric, keep up the good work. Ian Hunter and you make me believe that Cleveland does rock!

Aug 23, 1997 - Linda.Ford@virgin.net
I recently joined the internet in the hope I could find any information about my long time hero, Eric Carmen. I've collected all his LP's issued in Britain, and the 'Best of' CD. The Eric Carmen home page has made most of my dreams come true. In a vain attempt to find more information about him previously I wrote to his record companies in the States but they did not reply. Many thanks for compiling this work, I'm sure it is a labour of love, and I will be a regular reader of this page from now on. If there are any other Brits out there that would like to e.mail me please do so. Thanks. Linda.

Aug 23, 1997 - cag@magicentry.net
Eric happy belated birthday hope all is well with you and family still love the music after all this time. tell Ruth, Jeannine from South Carolina says hello.We love you RICKY.GOD bless. Jeannine

Aug 26, 1997 - cubancowboy@webtv.net
Awesome! This is one of the best and most informative websites I've ever seen. Why is Eric Carmen so under appreciated? I often wonder and can't seem to figure it out!?! Oh well, keep up the good work! Regards, Gabe

Aug 27, 1997 - kirk@tminet.com
Hi Bernie, just bought a computer and found out about your site from Patrick in the Netherlands. I'm a 40+ first gen. fan who had the privilege of seeing the Raspberries and Eric solo several times on the west coast. Also met Eric backstage at the Roxy. Congrats on the great site. kirk@tminet.com

Aug 29, 1997 - TPaloutzia@aol.com
In 1973 I would attend the tapings for the Don Kirshner Rock Concert television show at the Long Beach arena. Some of the best bands of that time period would perform there. Some days it could get pretty dull, believe it or not. What do you want for free? Don would get up on stage and plead, "Please get up, move, dance, do something. You're going to be on tv, please look good for television." But no one moved. Too stoned. Everyone just sat there and enjoyed the music. Of all the bands, the Raspberries gave the best performance. When Eric and Raspberries began to perform, the place started to rock. Of all the taping sessions, that was the best day ever. The Raspberries performance was the most fun that I had at those shows.

Aug 30, 1997 - rodjpirone@enter.net
I just discovered this site and am thrilled to find out there are other people who appreciate Eric Carmen and the Raspberries as much as I do. I'm 41 and have been a fan of the Raspberries since 1973. I was lucky enough to see the Raspberries live at the Joint-In-The-Woods in Parsippany, NJ. and even got a chance to meet Eric and Wally. Does anyone know if there are any plans to re-release Boats Against The Current or Change of Heart on CD domestically? The Japanese CDs are out of print and I have not been able to find them. If anyone can tell me where these are available, I'd appreciate it .

Aug 30, 1997 - tubberup@post5.tele.dk
Can anybody help me? I'm looking for a number with Eric Carmen: I think he sings "Listen to the radio". On which CD can I get that number. Thank you. Niels Borg-Hansen

Sep 1, 1997 - aguinald@hawaii.edu
From one late August kid (I was born on the 29th) to another, welcome Clayton Evan. With much Aloha to you and your parents. -- Chris

Sep 1, 1997 - juliad@epix.net
I'd like to join my friend Chris in wishing Eric, Susan, and Clayton Evan the best life has to offer... Congratulations! Julia

Sep 1, 1997 - kirk@tminet.com
Let's see, he's 2 days old...hmmm, do you think Eric sat him on the piano bench yet? Congrats and all the best to the Carmens! Kirk

Sep 3, 1997 - pelle.almgren@swipnet.se
Thanks for making this great page. Nice to have a forum for one of the most underrated singer/songwriters in pop history. In my book The Raspberries were one of the greatest bands in recording history, and some of Eric's solo work is fantastic ( I tend to like him best when he rocks, but some of the ballad stuff is magic). Since I've never had the chance to see The Raspberries "rock" in anything but live photographs I immediately downloaded the "Tonight" video clip (one of my favorite songs ever). Problem is I can't the thing to play. I have all the required "things" in my computer, but my Quick Time player says it can't open the movie. Does anybody out there have have a clue what to do? If anybody has videos of Carmen/Raspberries I'd love to have a copy. All costs will of course be covered. PAL is preferred, but NTSC will certainly do nicely. Please mail me. Greetings from Pelle in Stockholm, Sweden. And of course a big Congratulation!!! to "The Kid" having a kid (his first?).

Sep 5, 1997 - unicomp@pacbell.net
Hi! I really appreciate your Eric Carmen home page. I've been a fan for many years, and it's about time he had a site dedicated to him and his music. It's great to hear news of him and to also be able to find out he has a new album out and one in the works. I really like your lyrics pages too. Perhaps you might even be able to find out if the sheet music for his songs are available too. If so, where? Also, are there any midi files of his songs out there? Do you know if he plans to be in concert somewhere some time? Let me know.

Sep 5, 1997 - aluber@bellsouth.net (Alan Luber)
Will the new album be released in the US or will it only be available as a hard to find import?

Sep 5, 1997 - raspbernie@aol.com
If the album is initially issued as a Japanese-only release, I'll be sure to post a number of places where the CD import can be ordered. If you're as big a fan as I am (and I know you are :) you'll *need* to hear Eric's new masterpiece the day it is released.

Sep 11, 1997
Eric Carmen is the best songwriter who ever lived. Thanks for the great home page.

Sep 11, 1997 - karenska@aol.com
Hey, weren't you in Scarlet Fever??? It's hard to believe, but it's been 30 years since you, Marty, Kenny, Angelo and I were rehearsing downstairs at LaMarco's Beauty Shop... Congratulations on the birth of your son, Eric. Regards, Karen Shane

Sep 23, 1997 - kunihiko@esv.co.jp
Hello I hope your new CD. from your Japanese truly fan Kunihiko Kikuchi E-mail:kunihiko@esv.co.jp

Oct 2, 1997 - plumbob612@aol.com
Just like to say thank you to Bernie and all the contributors for the time and effort put forth to make this site as special as it is for a singer/ songwriter that's pretty darn special, himself!!! Great Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 8, 1997 - ChpTryk@aol.com
Loved your web site. Quite Extensive. Loved the puzzle. Caryle

Oct 8, 1997 - rogers@hi.com
Thanks for all the work you've put into this page - it really shows. Does anyone know what model of Gibson guitar Eric is shown playing on the sleeve photos from "Side 3"? It looks like some weird Les Paul Special or Junior variant, but I've never even seen a picture of another one.

Oct 16, 1997 - GOMEZDJ@AOL.COM

Oct 19, 1997 - reduncan@geauga.net
Dear Eric, Thanks for ALL of your accomplishments in the music industry as well as the Cleveland scene. The old days of the Chesterland Hulabaloo when Barbwire was your warm up band (featuring Dave Burke and Greg "Spider" Allen) are great memories! Keep up the great work as usual!!! Sincerely, Roonie Duncan E-Mail reduncan@geauga.net P.S. Special Thanks to Ken Sharp for keeping the RASPBERRIES MEMORIES ALIVE!

Oct 20, 1997 - wwwords@frontiernet.net
Bernie, you've done a great job with this site. I have only lurked so far, but maybe someday I'll have time to contribute. I'm a fan going back to when I was about 11 years old, and I remember so much--although there was so much I was too young for at the time. It's great to see that now there's a forum for the fans of today, just like the newsletter back in the old days (remember it?--I used to contribute to it, and it's what helped make me realize I wanted to be a writer, which I now am). Only one critique: I'd like it if hearing the music were an option when you go to the first page, rather than mandatory. "Sunrise" is a great touch, but it takes time to load, and what about those employees who surf on company time? One look at your page and they're busted! (not that I'm one of them--I'm self employed!) Looks as if we're going to have to be patient for the new material--that's too bad. I have a question for all you fellow Clevelanders (in my case ex-Clevelander) and Indians baseball fans out there. How many of you would like to hear Eric singing the national anthem at one of the World Series home games? If they used Joe Walsh and Chrissie Hynde in '95, surely Eric is due... Keep the faith, fans! Trudi

Oct 21, 1997 - ffffartboy@aol.com
Hi fellow EC fans. I've had a difficult time getting the following albums on CD. Any suggestion would be appreciated: "Boats Against The Current" "Tonight You're Mine" "Change Of Heart" I now have every other EC/Raspberries CD. Anyone know of a good CD importer? Thanks for your assistance. ffffartboy@aol.com

Oct 21, 1997 - raspbernie@aol.com
Eric's solo LPs are soon to be re-released on CD in Japan. This should come as good news for everyone who's had a hard time finding copies of Eric's sold-out catalog of individual albums on CD. Now if only we can convince Arista to do the same here in the US. Let's all write to: Arista Records, 6 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019. Together, we can make it happen!

Oct 22, 1997 - aizawa@gld.mmtr.or.jp
Hi everyone, I love Eric Carmen Home Page very much, and I'm glad that I can tell you something about Eric. I'm just listening to the Eric's new single CD. "I Was Born To Love You" is really a great ballad, worth listening million times. The songs included in the CD are following: 1. I Was Born To Love You 2. Almost Paradise 3. I Was Born To Love You (Instrumental Mix) 4. Almost Paradise (TV mix version for female) 5. Almost Paradise (TV mix version for male) 6. Almost Paradise (Instrumental Mix) Three of Eric's solo CDs, "Boats Against The Current", "Change Of Heart" and "Tonight You Are Mine" will be re-released in Japan on November 21, according to the latest "CD Journal", published two days ago. If I get any information about Eric, I'll post a message. See you then.

Oct 24, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
The entire album was recorded, mixed and ready to go, but at the last minute Eric decided to add two new songs. This required more mixing and revisions to the CD artwork which pushed the release back a few months. The good news is Eric's single has been released. And "I was Born To Love You" is great!

Oct 25, 1997 - rknorr@ix,netcom.com
Hi Everyone, So glad that there are plans for the re-releases in Japan!! Bernie, can you let us know where to go get these via internet? Thanks, Ron. By the way, great site!!

Oct 27, 1997 - GaryZ60625@aol.com
Hi. Just stumbled across this, but really should have been looking for this board all along. I have all the LPs and the CDs from Japan except the Geffen. I'm looking for other material from Eric Carmen's solo career. Video or Laser discs also. Can anyone help? I am a big Beach Boys fan and have tons of that stuff. Anyone, drop me a line. I am 35.

Oct 29, 1997 - tnjones@bellsouth.net
I have enjoyed your songs and musical talent for years. I was looking for a listing of appearances. Is there a schedule available? Cynthia

Nov 1, 1997 - RMcghie791@aol.com
Thanks for a great page Bernie.It is great to see that there are still some Eric Carmen fans out there.In Scotland there are not a lot of people who appreciate the music of both Eric and The Raspberries.

Nov 4, 1997 - Sean172020@aol.com
Thanks for the wonderful site Bernie, I'm glad I found it. Please keep us informed on any new developments. Finally a place to meet other Eric Carmen and The Raspberries fans. Always thought I was the only one left. Sean

Nov 7, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
"POWER POP!" That's the sound of my champagne cork popping. Thanks to all for helping us reach 5,000 hits! --Bernie

Nov 7, 1997 - juliad@epix.net
Totally cool Bernie! Congratulations!!! Julia :)

Nov 7, 1997 - aguinald@hawaii.edu
We did it (we did it), yeah. Here is to 5,000 more (lots more)! -- Chris

Nov 9, 1997 - jab21@po.cwru.edu
Eric Carmen kicks ass; the true king of pop.

Nov 9, 1997 - ronsu@aol.com
Way to go Bernie! 5000 posts! Thanks for giving us the best web site in the world! Ron

Nov 14, 1997 - roaddirt@jvlnet.com
If anyone is interested, I just found the Dirty Dancing collectors twin pack at my local Walmart that has the movie with the soundtrack digitally remastered and includes the Dirty Dancing Live in Concert video. It has Eric singing Hungry Eyes, Make Me Lose Control, and Almost Paradise with Merry Clayton. Great time to add it to your collection if, like me, you don't have it!!!!

Nov 15, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
Great news on the Dirty Dancing reissues! Too bad they didn't include any bonus tracks as Eric performed a few more songs in the show when I saw it at Radio City Music Hall. He did "All By Myself" at the grand piano as well as "Go All The Way" and "I Wanna Be With You" from the Raspberries. --Bernie

Nov 15, 1997 - hopkiner@dc.mbn.or.jp
Hi, I am a Japanese big fan of Raspberries and Eric Carmen. I listened Eric's new song. I hope Eric's new album. and live performance.

Nov 17, 1997 - bbrown.peel@ocwa.com
Boy, am I a dope. Here I've been enjoying Eric's music all these years and only now do I realize (through the fantastic interview on this web site) that the opening of "Boats Against The Current" is a variation of "Row Row Row Your Boat!" Amazing! How did I miss THAT? This is truly an amazing web site. No longer do I feel "All By Myself" when I'm listening to E.C. classics. There's other admirers out there too! That's nice to know. You folks have great taste. I have not seen mentioned that there was a 33 1/3 maxi-single version of "I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips." Did anyone else get lucky and find this record in 1985? The flip side is an instrumental of the song, which is great for those who love to sing off key in the shower. Yup, this site is now BOOKMARKED. Thanks for the effort. I agree..... it was a labour of love!

Nov 19, 1997 - gwings@rainyriver.lakeheadu.ca
Absolutely love your music, and congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your beautiful new baby. Keep up the wonderful hard work. :)

Nov 21, 1997 - mare16@juno.com
Until this moment I thought I had EVERY Eric Carmen recording... I was just browsing through your home page and noticed that I am missing a single... THE ROCK STOPS HERE!!!! When was that released and more importantly how can I get my hands on it... I have been a Eric addict since I was 13 ... That was nearly 30 years ago and I have never heard that song... I hope that someone can point me in the direction of it because it is a MUST HAVE for my collection... I have every album in doubles and have been anxiously awaiting the release of the Japan CD HELP!!! MAre B. Lisbon Ohio

Nov 22, 1997 - LDRaley@aol.com
Hey, just want to thank everyone who has put all their effort into maintaining this web page... and many many thanks which isn't enough for all Eric Carmen has done throughout the years. We love you and look forward to the magic you bring forth in future releases. And congratulations to your family on your new son, blessings to your wife and may your words of wisdom carry on through your son! LDRaley@aol.com

Nov 23, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
I've added links to the NEWS page for everyone who has been asking where they can buy Eric's new Japanese import CD single. Just click and order! I imagine that in about a week or so they'll also list the 3 re-released Japanese CD imports as well. --Bernie

Nov 27, 1997 - m-hata@po.iijnet.or.jp
Very glad to find this web site ... really great. So many thanks for your efforts Bernie. I got his new single today, which is on sale for \1,260 (about US$10) in Japan. I could say that "I Was Born To Love You" is one of Eric's best. If I could be some of your help in Japan, please feel free to contact me. With many thanks from a Japanese Eric-addict. Masaki, Chiba/Japan

Nov 29, 1997 - rickh@thevine.net
Eric - Picked you up in a taxi about 5 years ago and took you to the airport. Big moment in my life! Gave you my CD. The band was called the Visionaries. This was around the time, I later found out from my friend Darien, that you were managing the Wondermints. Got a new pop band called Double Naught Spies. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm still a huge fan! Rick Hromadka www.thevine.net\00spies

Nov 30, 1997 - ronsu@aol.com
Hallo machte, ich willkommen alle von deutschen Anhungern Eric zur Eric Carmen Gewebe Stelle heiden. Sie werden viele freundliche Leute hier finden, den alle seine Musik lieben. Fahlen Sie befreit, an mich ungefuhr Eric zu schreiben. Ich suche immer Kopien oder Videos von appearences Eric in Deutschland. Ron

Nov 30, 1997 - ronsu@aol.com
Bonjour, J'aimerais accueillir tous ventilateurs de Eric de la France. Il est bon savoir qu'il a des ventilateurs partout dans le monde. Ceci est le meilleur site de toile pour l'information sur Eric. Sans sens urm'ecrire. Je cherche des copies de bandes de Eric sur televison ou la radio francais, est-ce que quelqu'un peut m'aider? J'ai des lotissements pour echanger. Ron

Nov 30, 1997 - ronsu@aol.com
Hola, Apreciarca dar la bienvenida todos ventiladores de Eric de Espana. Es bueno saber que el tiene ventiladores por todas partes el mundo. Esto es el mejor sitio de telarana para la informacien en Eric. Si entase liberte para escribirme. Busco yo copias de cintas de Eric en el televison o el radio espanoles, cualquiera me puede ayudar? Tengo el gran cantidad para comerciar. Ron

Nov 30, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
Ron - You trilingual maniac :) --Bernie

Nov 30, 1997
Eric Carmen wa ii ongaku desu! Ikimasho!

Dec 4, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
Thoughtscape Sounds is carrying the recently re-released albums BOATS AGAINST THE CURRENT, CHANGE OF HEART and TONIGHT YOU'RE MINE. Call them at 1-800-435-6185 to order. --Bernie

Dec 5, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
WOW! "CD Now" is having a sale on all of their Eric Carmen CDs. If you've been waiting to finish your Christmas shopping, you're in luck! Go to the NEWS section of the Eric Carmen Home Page and place your orders by clicking on the links. The prices are incredible! --Bernie

Dec 6, 1997 - fuller@noblecan.org
Wow, what a great surprise to find this page. I have been a huge fan since the first time I heard "Go All The Way". An excellent page with everything covered. Keep up the good work.!!!

Dec 8, 1997 - jj3207@aol.com
Is there a fan club to join?

Dec 8, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
There was a fan club in the 70's which published a newsletter called the "Carmen Connection." I'm in the process of transcribing a good portion of them right now. (Thanks Cathy Dizon for the back issues :) It's quite a large task and I expect to have them on-line by the end of the year. There also was a fan club in Japan for a number of years. Currently, there are no operating fan clubs that I am aware of. But there *is* this web site... which helps bring Eric Carmen fans from around the world together. --Bernie

Dec 9, 1997 - ronsu@aol.com
Bernie, Maybe we should start a new fan club up now! Anyone else like that idea? Ron

Dec 13, 1997 - WAMCDAVI@CC.OWU.EDU
You rock! Your best song by far is "THAT'S ROCK N' ROLL." Write some more like it. I have "THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION" and it is awesome!

Dec 13, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
If anyone out there is interested in adding The Quick 45 ("Ain't Nothing Gonna Stop Me"/"Southern Comfort") to their collection, Erik Lindgren (erik@stantonpark.com / 508-947-7387) has two of them for sale. --Bernie

Dec 13, 1997 - jeff@stevensautoglaze.com
Excellent site! Grew up in Cleveland listening to Cleveland's local groups. Eric Carmen was one of the most infuential and succesful artist to come out of the area. To bad it took so long for the recognition. Looking forward for updates! Jeff Stevens

Dec 16, 1997 - evdmeer@dds.nl
Today I was looking up Eric Carmen with AltaVista and I found your page. Really great! I downloaded all the clips and the pictures and texts of songs. I was wondering, since I play piano myself, I'm also looking for sheet music for piano. I already can play "All By Myself" and "Hungry Eyes" by heart! But I'm desperatly looking for the sheet music of "Make Me Loose Control." Does anyone know where I could get them? Regards from the Netherlands --Merijn

Dec 21, 1997 - rknorr@ix.netcom.com
Hi All, Just got my long anticipated and even longer looked for "Boats Against the Current" and "Change of Heart" CDs from Thoughtscape Records. Sound wonderful! Thanks Bernie! I'd been looking for these CDs for over a year and had resigned myself to the fact that I had missed out! Ron

Dec 21, 1997 - codycurb@aol.com
I have been a big fan of Eric Carmen since the first strains of "GO ALL THE WAY" hit the airwaves. Perhaps the fact that he is an intelligent, purist is why he has never achieved what many less deserving artists have achieved. I eagerly await the release of his new CD, and hopefully, fans like David Wild of Rolling Stone magazine will get the word out on this GREAT ARTIST. --codycurb@aol.com

Dec 22, 1997 - mb2@gte.net
...Now all we need to do is transfer that infamous scratch n sniff raspberry to the computer screen! As much as I liked rock n roll (Electric Light Orchestra, Dave Edmunds, etc.), one of the benefits of being a program director/dj at an adult contemporary station in the 80s was that an Eric Carmen song was just around the corner somewhere... And yes, Eric, I was one of the pd's that DID get it... Best of Luck on the new material... matt birmingham, spring hill, florida

Dec 22, 1997 - Ronsu@aol.com
For those of you who do not have the Eric Carmen LP's on CD I highly recommend that you buy the new Japanese reissues. They sound fantastic! Ron

Dec 23, 1997 - cubancowboy@webtv.net
Eric was and still is the greatest pop songwriter in America. I would love to see this genius perform live. I am obviously a huge fan of Eric Carmen's. Everyone should be! Long may he reign! Happy Holidays,everyone!!!

Dec 23, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
Berry Christmas everybody! And a Happy New Year it'll be when Eric's new CD is finally released! --Bernie

Dec 23, 1997 - juliad@epix.net
Happy Hannukah to Eric and his family, and to any visitors here of the Jewish faith. Happy Holidays to everyone, and a HUGE thanks to Bernie for his hard work and dedication to this website this past year! Get some rest, Bernie...we plan to make you work even harder in '98! --Julia

Dec 23, 1997 - krtr@usa.net
Mele Kalikimaka, Hau'oli Makahiki Hou. Aloha Pumehana, --Chris Aguinaldo

Dec 24, 1997 - agtninety9@aol.com
This web site is phenomenal! Thank you!

Dec 24, 1997 - bezalelchaim@hotmail.com
Hi, Can you tell me if you learned totally by ear or did you have musical training on Guitar and Piano? Also, Can you help me with my songs? Can I send any to you? Anyway, I enjoyed the Raspbery albums and your Solo albums. I wish you continued success and good health. Thanks, Charlie

Dec 24, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
Charlie, Eric is a professionally trained musician. His history of musical instruction is pretty fascinating. If you're interested in finding out more, read the Biography that can be accessed from the main Home Page index. Thanks for stoppping by. --Bernie

Dec 25, 1997 - yagiy@mvg.biglobe.ne.jp
Hi. This site is definitely my favorite. I'm very much looking forward to the release of Winter Dreams. I was never aware that Eric was so popular in Japan. I've never met another fan all my life. Has he been here on tours often? Will he be here in the near future? If so, I MUST know since I've never had the chance to go to any of his concerts. Regards, Y.Yagi

Dec 24, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
Eric has toured Japan twice in the 80's. He hasn't confirmed any future touring plans, but he might be travelling to Japan to promote the new CD when it is released in January. --Bernie

Dec 27, 1997 - RandyCMU@juno.com
Bernie or anyone else with info.. Will the Japan CD be available here in the U.S.? Berry X-mas and Happy New Year.

Dec 29, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
I'll have more information on the details for the worldwide release of Eric's new CD very soon :) --Bernie

Dec 29, 1997 - sdmather@auslink.net
What a joy it is to find that there are so many people who recognise and appreciate the brilliant contribution that Mr. Carmen has made to music. He surely must be the most underrated artist of all time. Here's hoping that the new album will produce the critcal acclaim and recognition that is so very much deserved. Steven D. Mather, Adelaide, Australia

Dec 30, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
Wow! 7,000 hits! And we just celebrated our 5,000th hit in November. Amazing! -=Bernie

Dec 30, 1997 - rianvn@dds.nl
Question: who knows what the song All by myself is known for? It's supposed to be a 'signature tune' of something (I suppose a movie or anything) but I don't know which. WHO can help me with this (christmas-puzzle)question?? Thanks! Rian

Dec 30, 1997 - krtr@usa.net
Rian: "All By Myself" was featured in -- of all things -- an episode of "The Brady Bunch." See (http://www.geocities.com/Paris/3863/fresh.htm#Odds) for details. Aloha, --Chris

Dec 30, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
Rian, Might CLUELESS fit in your crossword puzzle? --Bernie

Dec 31, 1997 - ronsu@aol.com
I'd like to wish Eric and all of his fans a very Happy New Year. Eric, the new release will be worth all the wait. You've never let us down before with your music so I know this new one will be great. Ron

Dec 31, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
I've been playing the heck out of the new Japanese CD remasters (20 bit K2 Super Coding) of "Boats Against The Current," "Change Of Heart" and "Tonight You're Mine," and here's the verdict: these CDs have the best sound of any Eric Carmen re-release to date. A head-to-head comparison with the earlier Japanese CDs shows a dramatic improvement in sound quality for all 3 CDs. Simply magnificent! DO NOT HESITATE! Buy them now! --Bernie

Dec 31, 1997 - krtr@usa.net
Bernie: How are the liner notes? Just curious, --Chris

Dec 31, 1997 - raspbernie@ericcarmen.com
Chris, The re-issue CD booklet content is pretty much the same as the original Japanese CD releases except for possibly the cover art, which looks richer. All of the lyric typos are intact: "Well I'm up to here with the cancer and sweat, and test tube babies and bureaucrats, hold on walks come on the part to see." :) --Bernie

Dec 31, 1997 - krtr@usa.net
Whoa! I thought nothing could beat those "midst of a Queen" "Make Me Lose Control" lyrics, Bernie... Hau'oli Makahiki Hou, Happy New Year all! --Chris

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Congratulations on EC.com's silver anniversary, Bernie!

Everything about the site, its founder, its membership and its inspiration is sterling.

Easy to spot original members who are now friends. ☺️

Interesting to note from the old email addresses just how accomplished and educated the EC fan base truly is.

Twenty five years ago you had to have brains and cash to get online.  



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Bernie: CONGRATULATIONS on the site's 25th Anniversary!  This is AMAZING!   What an enjoyable read.  Thank you for all you have done and continue to do. I know you will have many more incredible treats in store for us...can't wait.👏

Love you lots♥️

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Very cool to see all the recognizable names that were finding Eric on the internet for the first time, thanks to Bernie. In 1982, I purchased my first computer (a Timex Sinclair 1000) and by the end of the 80's was using a Commodore Amiga 500. By that time you could connect to online BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) which had forums and menus of interest. Just like I did when I walked into records stores, the first thing I would do when connecting to a new Bulletin Board was check if there was a Raspberries or Eric Carmen section. Never found one. Bulletin Boards were the only things available until the mid 90's when the internet sprung up. Just like the BBS's, I surfed the net for Raspberries / Eric stuff but found very little. I finally found Bernie's site ( I can't really remember what year that was) and it's been a blast ever since.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I can still remember trying to figure out how to connect to the World Wide Web from AOL.  And when I did, wow, I actually FELT it!  (Something we take for granted today.). And that feeling continues every time I stop by EC.com.   Thanks, Bernie, for 25 years of making us all feel at home...yet so connected!

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I always thought it would be cool to have a thread dedicated to showing a roster of EC.com members and their date of becoming a member. (only members over x amount of posts of course)  I wish I could remember when I discovered this site. I know I was one excited boy. And to think of ALL the things that have transpired since then. Wow!

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On 9/29/2023 at 11:28 AM, Craig Benfer said:

I always thought it would be cool to have a thread dedicated to showing a roster of EC.com members and their date of becoming a member. (only members over x amount of posts of course)  I wish I could remember when I discovered this site. I know I was one excited boy. And to think of ALL the things that have transpired since then. Wow!

Perhaps you discovered the site earlier, but according to your profile, you became a member 2/16/02.  Eight days before me.  Remembering when I discovered the Raspberries AOL chat room....now THAT would really go back into the internet time machine!!    Dave


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My first time as a member was in 2005, but under a different screen name. I had a few thousand posts, all lost I imagine. For valid personal reasons, I rejoined under a new name in 2013. 18 years is quite a long time and for the most part it has been very worthwhile. Centanni!

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