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10 Best Power POP Albums of All Time...

Lew Bundles

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Raspberries: Greatest (2005) 

Raspberries had come and gone by 1974 but their influence continued to reverberate, especially with Cheap Trick and later R.E.M. and Redd Kross. Lead singer Eric Carmen may now be best-known for his soppy solo ballad All By Myself, but Raspberries produced much more potent pop, as this excellent 2005 compilation shows. 

The Top 5 hit Go All The Way is a pure bubblegum joy, while later songs such as Tonight and I’m A Rocker show that the band had taken on board some 60s Brit influences of their own, particularly the likes of The Who and the Small Faces. A neat period album.

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.........."soppy solo balad".

These guys have to ruin some good work they´re doing by degrading into assholes. Just cuz you don´t like a certain respectable genre of music, doesn´t mean you have to piss on it with nasty adjective. 

Having said that it´s a pretty interesting list, especially the playlist they recommend at the bottom with 3 Raspberries songs included.


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