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In our hyper narcististic world..


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...of 2022, it was kinda cool to see Dolly Parton turn down her nomination into the "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame".

She stated she wasn´t deserving and so she bowed out. I´d suspect there may be more reasons than that, but either way, it comes across as classy and humble and principled, ..things that there are a dearth of in our current times.

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On 3/15/2022 at 9:07 AM, PowerPop72 said:

They should change the name to the "Pop Music Hall of Fame" since they have rap and hip-hop artists included, and I can't see the connection of this type of music to rock'n'roll. My humble opinion.

I've always felt the same way—that it should be the Popular Music HOF (or Pop... either way), so it fits the wide range of artists they've sucked in.

They could have really made it a special R&R site, but, alas, the money and marketing opportunities apparently  make it so tempting that they let almost anybody in the Hall—tock’n’roll or not. Now they need to reverse-engineer the name. They should embrace the new name, own it, and do it unapologetically. Otherwise, the R&R Hall keeps opening itself to more and more criticism. (Rightfully so.)

Oh—and kudos to Dolly Parton for politely removing herself. Very admirable.

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Yup, we've discussed the name change in other posts.

Considering how easily names are changed for commercial reasons, this should be an easy fix, however, the R&R Hall of Fame sounds cooler than the Music Hall of Fame.

I'm certain the RRHoF wants to retain it's "cool" factor... even if it's not.

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That org is a joke. It should go away, imho.

A few more artists having the integrity to turn down admission, but stating the true reason (Rock Hall is a joke ..at best)...along with some rockers / entrepreurs etc with integrity starting up a new Hall of Fame, whose brand would be integrity, integrity and more integrity...

...that would solve the problem.

And it´s not a fix that is unrealistic. At all.


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