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Stereo Review on Carmen solo

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I know of Steve Simels from a powerpop blog of his that I used to read occasionally. He has had his own band in the past... anyone ever heard of his music? Didn't think so. Practically no one has.

Steve, if you could write even one song that is half as good as BATC, I might find your opinions worthy of consideration. But you can't.

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It's funny you brought him up. I read that first review in this thread and thought, "This guy—whoever he is—writes like he's trying our for Rolling Stone, circa 1975." He tosses off all the tired criticisms that Rolling Stone liked to publish as proof that it was "cool." I thought Rolling Stone's team of reviewers in that era was self-righteous, boorish, boring, and utterly predictable. You didn't get a sense of discovery from those reviews; you got lectures on what music you're supposed to like. John Lennon—yes. Paul McCartney—no. Neil Young—yes. Eric Carmen—no. Bruce—yes. Elton—no. 

Steve Simels, from what I read, comes off as a second-rate Rolling Stone wannabe. His line that said Raspberries "merely aped" the Beach Boys but "just sounded foolish" proves he never actually listened.

It made me dig a little bit on Simels. A couple things to look at: 

• Here he is as lead singer for his band the Floor Models (1st vid below). I'd love to hear Eric's review of this!

• Here he is on a talk show (2nd vid below). Go to the 12-minute mark. He's plugging a book he wrote on androgyny in rock'n'roll. (If you think his writing is mealy-mouthed and weasel-y.... watch this.)


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