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Raspberries 50th Anniversary Poster


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Such a great result Bernie! I sure hope I can still get it and I didn't want to start complaining and be put on your Crabby Canadian list.... but I had actually ordered one and they charged me and then they sent me an email saying they will credit me back because they're not sending outside of USA.🤔

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Of course I'm buying one! I love your design, Bernie—the logo and everything else. It's such a clean, high-impact piece. Well done.

(I'd have been tempted to work Scott McCarl's name in. But... I get the reason to cite only the original four... that's the anniversary. I always feel bad for Scott because the poor guy is always left out of Raspberries lore.)

Now... once I get mine, I'll have to start angling to get all four to sign in silver Sharpie. 

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We’ll, to be more accurate LC, I designed 50th anniversary logo and the original poster, issued when “Sunset Strip” came out—so the poster was meant to celebrate the reunited original band. This new version combining my original design with the “Raspberries 50” logo wasn’t all my doing.

But, regardless, the 50th Anniversary does celebrate a milestone of the original guys—Eric, Wally, Dave and Jim. In 2024, we can start the party for Eric, Wally, Scott and Michael.

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