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50 years ago today

Matthew C. Clark

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Some observations on this thread: 

• Good call, Matthew, on starting it.

• Naeko! It's so sweet to see you here on Valentine's Day! Happy happy happy to you! 

Some observations on that video, because I don't think I've seen it, or (more likely) I haven't watched it in a long time:

• Eric — per another recently bumped post — was really muscular-looking. The gym sessions were paying off.

• It was surprising to see Wally on acoustic guitar, although Billy Sullivan did a spectacular job with the solo on the tag.

• All the Raspberries looked so happy. You could see it in their faces. There are a couple sweeping shots of Dave where he seems to have the broadest smile —  like he's so happy to be on stage, playing bass on that song, their earliest single. Wally was very animated, Eric was into it, and Jim was being the perfect timekeeper. 

Damn, I wish I had gone to that show. I was four hours away that night, visiting family and trying to talk my older sister into driving over to Cleveland with me. Alas, we'd never have gotten into the show — I know it was long sold out. But I was willing to try and weasel in somehow, some way. "Sir, I'm sorry, but your press pass from 1992 won't get you in here tonight... And we appreciate that you know Eric, but he's a little busy now with the soundcheck.... And we can't find this fella Bernie you're name-dropping.... And no, you can't have jobs as  ushers just for tonight...."

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I may have to eat my words when I say it's all about the music for me. Watching Eric Carmen up there I forgot about the music momentarily... probably longer than a moment actually. But it's Valentine's Day what can I say....thank  you. ♥️

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I thought so Kirk! but I thought if you don't come on and say anything who's going to argue. I was pretty sure that is not how Eric looked in the  2004 videos, according to other videos posted. He sure must have done some Hardcore gym workouts also within a year.  But what do I know about that... I'm just all about the music. 😄

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