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Remember the Departed

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4 hours ago, Raspbernie said:

You asked for it. You got it.

Share news, stories and photos celebrating the lives of those who passed away.

Please bear with the Moderators as they move any RIP notices currently housed in the "Everything" section to this one.

Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Thanks Bernie. 

Besides the "Everything"-section obits, there are a bunch in "Cruisin' Music." I just moved three dozen or so over to DWSG. A search of the word "dies" in titles shows there are over 300 posts overall, so I'll find a bunch that way. 

The new section is filling up fast, between those and the ones you moved out of Everything. This dying thing... it's been contagious lately, from big names like Ronnie Spector, Mike Nesmith, and Meatloaf to the many producers, writers, and "unsung" performers Matthew has been finding. Some have surprised me—like, I missed the death of Jay Black of Jay and the Americans. 

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PS: Bernie... I'm remembering perhaps the funniest thread in the history of this site—the erroneous report of Craig Benfer's death by a former poster here. He totally screwed up and did an "R.I.P. Craig Benfer" thread that had us posting our condolences....

After a number of sympathies, somebody squashed the rumor and set the mistaken poster straight. From there, it got really, really funny. Craig, that's when I learned about your great sense of humor—in the middle of page 2, where you not only verified that reports of your death were greatly exaggerated, but you noted you aren't actually a "superb musician," as was stated earlier.

On page 3, the thread took a hilarious twist when Darlene saw the title and immediately popped in and posted condolences. She hadn't seen the retraction and ensuing fun. (We were lining up Eric to play at Craig's funeral.) Darlene quickly realized her mistake and posted a re-retraction. It's all here: 

I bring it up because I was tempted to put it in the new section. 

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This is one of the funniest things I've ever read! Literally laughing out loud and especially the part about Darlene chiming in when she didn't know Craig was still alive. Now that I know a few of you it even makes it that much more intriguing. Everyone's sense of humour was just side-splitting.🤣🤣🤣 if I ever need a pick-me-up I'll just come back and read this thread. Thanks for posting LC.

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To paraphrase the title of this thread: Remember the Un-Departed. Or something like that.

One of the details that makes me laugh when I re-read the original thread (and I've read it about three times in the past two days) is the bit no one picked up on, probably out of respect for Craig Balzer: To clarify the case of Craig confusion, our poster MissM actually wrote an email to Polly Balzer and asked whether her dear departed husband was a member at EC.com. That must have come right out of the blue for Polly, the poor woman. She had taken care of him for what was a five-year battle with colon cancer.


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And then there's this, the (unsuccessful) call to kill Dave G.'s Lew Bundles character: 


PS: I've been chipping away at the new section... Don't Want to Say Goodbye is now up to seven pages of obituaries! And there are plenty more to go. Chip, chip, chip.

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You know, seeing this new section within the stack of other section titles inspired me to make a playlist. The order of our sections sounds pretty good when you have 'em queued up in this order. 

1. Spotlight
2. Ecstasy
3. Lost in the Shuffle
4. Go All the Way
5. That's Rock'n'Roll
(So far, a rockin' quintet of songs—two by Raspberries, three solo EC. Then, the tour de force that is "I Can Remember," followed by a pair of midtempo pop numbers, then a couple of ballads leading into a great closer.)

6. I Can Remember
7. Cruisin' Music
8. Cartoon World
9. Don't Want to Say Goodbye
10. Everything 
11. Play On

A very organized bulletin board that doubles as an appealing playlist. Now... if we could find a section appropriate for the title "Boats Against the Current"....

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