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Might be a first


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I'm sure I'm in a minority of one here, but dare I say I kinda like this one more than the original? I must admit I find the lyrics banal, to the point where they cancel out the loveliness of the tune itself. But now I'm starting to understand why EC considered it among his top ten compositions.

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RCT..... I'm thinking you might be in the minority. But lyrics affect people in different ways depending on what your life and personal experiences bring to the song. So for some the lyrics will add and not take away which is how it is for me. But when I heard the instrumental it just opened up a new way of listening to the song in bringing that incredible melody forth ..I'm concentrating just on the melody instead of the lyrics. So I must say you've made a very valid point here.

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I've always enjoyed the lyricism of the song personally; I think there are some lovely poetic moments in the word choice.

But... I must admit that hearing the melody in this new light does seem to bring it to the fore in a way that no human voice quite could, regardless of how talented a singer (like Eric) is.


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The thing that really struck me listening to this version is the perfect title Eric chose for the song. Had he never penned any lyrics to the song, The Way We Used To Be aptly describes the music. It's not hard to picture a movie with a guy (or girl) standing alone on the street, maybe taking a drag off a smoke while contemplating what had been while the song is playing in the background. Perfect.

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