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Talent run dry...

Lew Bundles

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"Ok, boomer."
It´s actually strong.
Art´s at its best,
When chicks twirking in thongs.

Hark! I know!
I watch Card B.
The culture tells me,
She´s better than Christine McVie.

So twerk, twerk,..
and twerk some more.
You´ll then be able to enter,
The sisterhood of whores.

Everything goes.
You must be a racist!
...if you criticize the ´hoes.

But I´ll stick with Karen Carpenter,
..and Christine McVie.
J Lo, Rhianna etc.
Should be put over their moms´knee.

James, 2022



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I can’t stop crying...Just a brilliant piece of work...

”So twerk, twerk, twerk some more”...

I’m shaking as I type this...

It's getting To be a battle to type this...I’m afraid the Beatlebum in me will take over...

I CaN’t hOlD on muCh loooOongr...

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Lew, don't fret, you' ll never match 'bum's status.

P.S. maybe - for your therapy - you should present my strong twerk poem to that hot professor chick who hates me ( proly cuz she can't date me ).....???

PPS AOC and James haved some stuff in common

PPPS we can name the poem "Twerking the night away".    !!!

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On 1/29/2022 at 10:38 AM, Lew Bundles said:

P.S....Not too sure how many people remember BeatleBum or the way he used to type...

Dare I ask who BeatleBum was??? I've seen him mentioned before .. looks like bad news

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16 hours ago, Raspbernie said:

He started off with music posts and seemed to have a good bit of knowledge on the subject. Things got worse fast. His posts have been removed, but you can read some of the relieved board Members' comments in this thread.

Bernie, I checked out the comments as you suggested on the thread on who Beatlebum was from 16 years ago. Very scary actually.....online bullying and threats. In fact, nowadays a person like that could be charged I would assume. This is one of the reasons I stayed away from sites where there is a message board in the first place. But Bernie,  you handled it in the utmost professional and respectful way.  Wow ...the things you have done in the past to keep this site up and running.. incredible! thank you!

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It's a shame that some people feel the need to ruin an otherwise good thing. I happen to stream on Twitch.tv  quite a bit and I have to deal with a similar dynamic; 99% of the people are very cool and respectful, but that 1% that's not is all it takes to put a damper on the mood. It's better to ban those people I say; no need to bend over backwards for them when all they're here to do is to cause trouble. Thanks for your work Bernie!

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