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Lew Bundles

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Kudos to Cyndi Lauper. Love her. Always have.

Where do I begin with this music video? That cut-out figure of her that scoots across the screen in the intro. Dancing down the wet street like Gene Kelly in "Singin' In The Rain." Cyndi's real mother playing her Mom in the kitchen. How everyone besides Cindy can't seem to lip-sync to the track and the director never asks for a redo. Almond-colored appliances in the kitchen. “Captain” Lou Albano. Keeping in the cute take where she picks up the phone wrong and has to flip it around. Rotary phones! "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." Dancing down that line of guys on both sides with that flirty dress. The old dude reading "The Wall Street Journal" who joins the conga line. The tribute to the Marx Brothers "A Night at the Opera" crowded cabin scene. The conehead!

Click on the video and add to her views.

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Congratulations, Miss Cyndi!!! 

l always loved this video.  A true part of early music video history.

I think the off lip-sync is just part of the intended goofiness of the video, and the formula works with all the kitsch.

She is a total sweetheart!!! ❤️

I met her on a flight to Puerto Rico in the late 80's, and we stayed in the same hotel across the hall from each other.

She graciously invited me to her concert, but I had a wedding to attend.

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