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Go All The Way

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I listened to GATW today in my car, The track on Eric's Essential record.

I wish the band re recorded this track mainly due to the tinny drum track on it. So weak and recorded too low.

It sounds like the drums on most of the Beatles recordings, mainly earlier stuff.

I am sure it would sound great if the boys re recorded today, that is if Eric's voice held up on it. Tampering with an original recording doesn't always work with fans though.


What are your thoughts?


VBT INC 2022

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I remember that I was at a house party once when Go All The Way came on...There was a guy there,  who I was talking to, that was a disc jockey on WICC-AM in Bridgeport Ct. back in the 60’s and 70’s...And he remarked that Go All The Way was the most “compressed” 45 that he ever could remember...He said that the needle on the VU meter never wavered or bounced away from the dead center line...

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