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Take Two

susie b

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This should be fun. Summertime Blues by Eddie Cochran, with the best cover by The Who (which we adopted as our class song for our graduating Jr. High class of '68. 

Our home room theme poster for the sock hop (we won a prize):


ORJH sock hop poster 001.JPG

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I don't remember how much I contributed to this poster, but there were a couple of girls that share my last name that were really talented contributing to this. Thanks!

My art skills tend to be more on the 'stick figure' level of artistry, unless I'm emotionally involved with my subject matter and get lucky. Here's a drawing I did of our last horse:

Shorty - framed copy - Copy eyelashes fixed desktop.jpg

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Silence Is Golden - written by Four Seasons keyboardist/vocalist Bob Gaudio and their producer Bob Crewe ( both from Newark, NJ).

Covered by Brit group the Tremeloes, and the version that charted higher than the Four Seasons original

The Tremeloes - Silence is Golden - Bing video

1st RECORDING OF: Silence Is Golden - Four Seasons (1964) - Bing video


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