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My garden does well with antique roses as they are quite resistant to pests and disease.

I'm one of those crazy rose ladies who takes cuttings from roses thriving on neglect on abandoned properties.  You know they are hardy to flourish on neglect.

Can't wait the get my hands back in my garden soil.


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Love the roses.. I checked them out but unfortunately as I suspected they won't grow in our climate region. The ones that do grow well here still need special care and attention... as most do anyway. However, Wild Roses Grow like weeds here .. my dad put a wild rose bush in my mom's Garden once and it has a root system that we still can't get rid of. Thanks for sharing.

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And right now… it’s the blizzard of 2022. Hunker down. 

Susie, you sound like a botanist and a green thumb. I do a little veg garden most years (except the past couple)—love doing that. I also wish I could get a lemon tree going. Had a couple die on me. I know that sounds crazy for someone in New England, but a friend of mine has a successful lemon tree that gives him lemons every year.

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