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Interesting if you know McCartney catalogue...

Lew Bundles

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Well... I can tell you that if I did Spotify instead of Apple Music, none of those Driving Rain songs would be on the list. I play the heck out of them. Driving Rain is a criminally underrated album. I consider it Paul's best post-2000 work; in fact, it's in my Top 5 McCartney solo albums. To me, there are nine A+ or A tracks (most of them on the least-Spotify'ed list):

• Riding Into Jaipur. Has a George Harrison-y aura. It was written and produced the year George died, and the album was released that very month. 
• She's Given Up Talking. Quirky, offbeat, and quite cool.
• Magic. A deliberate but uplifting pop number with an enticing ELO-ish guitar pushing it along.
• Driving Rain. Unbridled Macca uptempo pop/rock. 
• From a Lover to a Friend. A Beatlesque ballad that recalls his Pepper/Mystery-Tour era.
• Lonely Road. Worhy opening track that somehow reminds me of Ram-era McCartney.
• Rinse the Raindrops. Frenetic rocker that reminds me of "Morse Moose" from London Town, if you're familiar with that album. You can get lost in this one; it's over 10 mintutes long.  
• Your Loving Flame. McCartney at his ballad best.
• Heather. I know it was written about the ex-wife who took him for millions of dollars, but dang... this is a sweet song (instrumental piece). 

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