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Merry Christmas..


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Denis - hired her 4 years ago, met her 7 years ago while she worked in Dunkin Donuts and was studying law. She did a great job at DD so I got her # and put her on my list of future possible hires. She kept in touch some, and 2 years later I hired her. The most honest person in the world, has since gotten her law degree but chose to stay with us...she's doing some legal work for us, on top of her regular stuff, and is knocking it out of the park.

Irene - my first hire after Kelvin, 2013....I call her my first kid : )  .....found her while watching her do a phenomenal job with customers as a cashier at McDonalds. She told me she was studying finance in college and the rest is history. She comes from a very rough neighborhood, but her family is huge and as strong as any I've ever met. She is awesome. And fun as heck, as they all are.

Rosa - I was in need for 3rd hire in 2014 and was striking out in my search. Finally it occurred to me to ask Irene if she had a friend who was like her, ...she told me just one, that her name was Rosa, that she was working as a nanny making $200/month....that she was smart, hyper organized  ...and back in high school would keep Irene in line if needed....I said bring her in!!....we interviewed her and 7 years later she's running the office, and is my go to assistant.

Stephany - honest, talented, takes the initiative on stuff, is fearless and as conscientious as any employee you'll ever find. She's the eldest of the 4 girls at 30....we hired her 5 years ago, we knew hera  little already as she had worked with Kelvin's wife at another company like ours. Kelvin's wife is very strict about stuff, a perfectionist, but she strongly recommended Stephany, who had quit her previous job 9 months prior for poor treatment, and had been searching for a job since. She also is awesome.

They all have developed into very skilled employees. They all make loans on their own, collect....and can do virtually anything needed in the office, which gives me a lot of flexibility.

My way is to hire character and talent, I prefer no finance experience so we can train a person with a clean slate, and not have to deal with baggage from past "learning" and undo this past learning.

Many say this, but for me it's true....my company would never have made it if I hadn't found this group. Especially Kelvin as he was the perfect match to work with me, and become our general manager.

I treat them well, give them opportunity to learn and grow...and now they treat the company like it's theirs, as it is theirs in a big way, ...as they love their jobs and don't want the company to go away.

Just a little fyi from Panamá.

: )

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That's EXACTLY how I found my best hires, James.

People who have a truly good work ethic and understand how to give service from their heart can be trained in any field of business.

Also, as you stated, better to have fresh faces new to the field with zero baggage or poor training from past jobs.


Congratulations on a great work family.



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Congrats James...It was a ballsy move on your part when you set sail from the country you love to the uncertain waters of Panama...I could’nt understand it at the time, but it seems to have worked out great...

You have built a strong staff: a direct result in being a fair and honest leader...You have enriched their lives and vice versa...

Keep up the good work...Your honest and caring nature has always shown through here ...

In your honor: I submit...

James is my hero, 

He’s honest and caring, 

When he moved to Panama,

He was quite daring...


He found some good people,

He hired them, didn’t scare em’

By giving them applications,

To his company, not his harem...



P.S. -Donde esta su picture?

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Thanks you guys, 

Kirk, I got an MBA in finance and have worked in the industry since 1992. Most of what we do though requires mostly a strong common sense insight and a heart that likes to serve other people. My people have that.

Susie, hopefully the father of our industry would be proud!....I'll put us up against any other company doing this in the world in terms of having a true, and smart, passion for our clients.

Lew, my employees know of my harem.  : )   P.S. thanks, and you are improving on the poem front.

PPS Happy New Year to all you goofballs!

PPPS I saw an LC sighting!...the return of our prodigal brother, who means so much to this site. A great Christmas gift for the members here.





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