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Happy Birthday-Doreen

Lew Bundles

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I know that things are tough this past year for you but keep your head up and happy birthday...

P.S...We use to have a moderator that kept up with the birthday postings, but alas, she has left here in a huff when her applications to James’ harems were  officially rejected for the 1110th time..,She was totally unqualified...She failed her preliminary interviews when it took her 14 seconds to clip my toenails, 12 more seconds to fetch my beer and 35 seconds to complete “The Act”...61 seconds in all...Much too slow for the King...Plus, in the “afterglow”, some of her make-up wilted away to reveal age spots that rendered her applications number one question as falsified...

QUESTION 1.)- Are you under the age of 19?...She replied, “of course”...Lying moderator bitch...

I always wanted to be moderator here and I may renew my campaign...I can lie with the best of ‘em...

P.S...Hope said moderator Dianed is doing well and would pay us a visit here soon...After all, we were almost bethrothed at one of the WAB’s...

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