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Hello from Saskatchewan

Rhonda B

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Hello everyone on this wonderful website that I seem to be discovering so late in life.  Thank you Bernie for accepting my application and thank you Lew for welcoming me. I've been checking out the website for about a month while I waited for my application to be accepted. I am overwhelmed with the information and so much that I didn't know. And so much that I have in common with all of you. Please bear with me as there's much to learn about navigating this site ...hope I don't screw up.
Eric Carmen's music has been a part of my life since I was a young teenager struggling with the gift of music and my own music career and not knowing how to express it... what to do with continuous music  that filled my head since I was 5.
A little teaser... I was learning from his music for about a year before I even knew who he was... the power of music, especially Eric's, to me, is SO very strong, that it even can reach a lonely teenage girl on a farm in the middle of the prairies in Saskatchewan, Canada... who only had the family radio as a means of listening to music.... and not one of my seven siblings or my parents had any inklings of music and no music was ever played in the home . Talk to you all later.

Rhonda B.

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