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Hey Kids... What Did You Have On Your Christmas List?

susie b

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Do you remember going through mail order catalogs and making your Christmas list for Santa?

This commercial features Bobby Buntrock, aka Harold "Sport" Baxter from the tv series Hazel.

Santa did bring the robots!!!

On my list were also assorted dolls & doll clothes, records, stuffed animals, games & toy horses.

Santa NEVER brought the Creepy Crawlers !!!


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Fun seeing that old commercial....thanks Susie!

PS re: Lew ....he's still smarting from the woopin he took once when playing rockin sockem robots....55 years later and he's still making excuses. : )

PPS what also comes to mind is the utter gender brain washing that went on back then. I mean ..Susie, a female, of course requesting dolls, 2 boys (no girls) duking it out at rockin sockem robots......and the most insidious is the misogynistic choice of a male to narrate the commercial. So predictable. Thank God today we have California working to pass a law to ban department stores from having separate sections for boys and girls. California  - on the vanguard of progress....again.

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