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Best rock live albums..


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I give the list credit for listing Status Quo´s live album from 1977 at #6. That album is pure rock & roll, and each song is taken a couple notches higher live in comparison to their studio versions, which are very good themselves.  Also if you read the description, Status Quo´s live album was raw, ie: no overdubs or improvements via production tricks, which is totally rare....and totally cool.

The list also gives Thin Lizzy and UFO some love rating their live albums in the top 10. I´m listening to Thin Lizzy´s album today...many consider it the greatest live album of all time, ...it´s pretty strong, strong rhythm and lead guitars!

One ommission from the list, that is unforgivable, is REO Speedwagon´s "You get what you play for". Not sure how they left it off. RUSH got a lot of love, ...though I´m a huge RUSH fan  their first live album, while strong, was way overrated here. The songs are all done better via their studio versions.  The ommission of Foghat´s Live album from 1977 is also a mortal sin, though it was a one discer and should have been a double album, maybe that hurt it in the ratings. I chose their King Biscuit Flower Hour recording over the live 1977 so left 1977 off as I didn´t want to list both.

Here is the list of my favorite live albums:

9. UFO, Strangers in the night
8. Elton John, Here and There....its version of "Funeral for a friend/Love lies bleeding" is even better than the studio version.                Masterpiece is that piece of music. Possibly the greatest piece of music from the era.
7. Neil Diamond, Hot August Night/NYC
6. Rolling Stones, Some Girls Live in Texas, 1978
5. Raspberries, Pop Art Live......on another day it could be #1 for me.
4. Neil Diamond, Hot August Night ....I give the top 50 list posted above a pardon for not listing this as they were concentrating on more metalish music.
3. Foghat, King Biscuit Flower Hour 
2. Status Quo, Live, 1977
1. REO Speedwagon, You get what you play for - what a collection of melody melded with heavy rock & roll. Possibly greatest album of all time.

You guys?



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Not in any particular order, but I spun these a lot back in the day:

Cheap Trick, 'At Budokan' 
Kiss, 'Alive!'
Paul McCartney, 'Wings Over America'
The Rolling Stones, 'Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!'
Grand Funk Railroad, 'Live Album'
Peter Frampton, 'Frampton Comes Alive!'
The Who, 'Live at Leeds'
Deep Purple, 'Made in Japan' 
The Allman Brothers Band, 'At Fillmore East'

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I should´ve included "Wings Across America" and "Kiss Alive" and "Kiss Alive II" on my list.

LIve albums are great, to me, when a band´s music translates better live than in the studio,...or when a band sounds different live, but still great. Many live albums are a waste to me because they are just lesser versions of the studio recordings. Though I would not say that about those same live versions if one was in attendance at the concert where they were recorded.

Many on Bernie´s list are known to be great, though I have not heard them.....and need to get hold of them sometime. IE: Deep Purple, Cheap Trick, Allman Brothers, Grand Funk and The Who.

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A monumental task it would be to rank my favorite Live Albums. The ones that have already been mentioned are all good IMO. Don't know how a list of the Top 50 Live albums can be made and exclude REO's "You Get What You Play For". That would definitely make my Top 10 List. Another one that would make my list, but not mentioned anywhere so far is Head East Live from 1978. I have also always liked Bob Seger's "Live Bullet" even though it probably doesn't make my Top 10. "Wings Over America", "Frampton Comes Alive" & UFO "Stranger's In The Night" and Raspberries "Pop Art Live" are shoe-ins to make my list.

So I guess I've mentioned six that would be in my Top 10. Now to come up with the other four.  Hmmm.




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Kirk...it's probably going to make my Top 10 too. I saw ELO in Pittsburgh in 2019. Great great show! Ranks as one of my favorites concerts I've ever been to. His 2017 "Wembley or Bust" album is one of my favorites.

Like Mike Haag said above, it intensifies the listening enjoyment if you've experienced it in person. It allows you to ascertain how well the album captures the real thing.

I think the Guess Who's "Running Back Through Canada" does the same thing for me. I saw that tour when they expanded it to the U.S. Great show and I'm thinking it might make my Top 10.

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