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Never Say Die fan endorsements..

Lew Bundles

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Eric Carmen "Never Say Die"

Jul 22, 2004
Go to: www.ericcarmen.com (Eric Carmen official website) for a brand new song called "Never Say Die". The song reminds me of Bryan Adams songs "Cuts Like A Knife" & "Summer Of '69". It is NOT the Black Sabbath 1978 remake. Just point the arrow & when you see "play" written in yellow, push it. Eric's best song since "Make Me Lose Control". But what do you people think? Matt Clark Sanford, MI

Jul 22, 2004
Well, what can I say? I think Carmen's "Never Say Die" has a good beat and it's reminiscent of "Never Gonna Fall In Love Again", "All By Myself" and even "Hungry Eyes". Very Well Done! Does Eric have a new album out? Or could there possibly be a "Raspberries Reunion"?! 

Jul 24, 2004
Or could there possibly be a "Raspberries Reunion"?! I only wish! Raspberries are easily one of the most underrated bands of the '70s! Not that Eric Carmen still hasn't made some really great solo singles, but the Raspberries 45s are truly power-pop at its best... suddenly getting the urge to pop "Go All the Way" or "I Wanna Be with You" on the turntable ...

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Sorry for bumping an old thread but this song deserves more attention! Bernie and the boys did a great job polishing up the demo; there's some great production and playing in their version, which I believe might be buried somewhere on this site, but I was able to find it on YouTube. I seem to recall reading in the anecdotes from Marathon Man that Eric really didn't have much to do with the writing of the song, but man does he nail the vocal. 


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Kyle—bump away! There are so many hidden gems among the posts here that it’s nice to have them brought front and center again.

Great find on “Never Say Die.”

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